Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nesting doll car shells.

I just had a dream wherein if some crappy car was illegally parked, they'd put a shell of a nicer car on top of that, and they'd keep doing that depending on how long the car was parked there. I was trying to explain this to an out of town visitor in my dream, and the layers were hinged, so I was peeling them up and joking about makes of audi sedans. As they got smaller, they were like "audi a8 (biggest), audi a6, audi a4," and then under eveeything would be like, a car like the stanza my sister owned over 15 years ago. None of this is interesting except that I thought it might be cool to have life sized nesting dolls of something.

I can't tell If I'm clever or not because all I'm doing today is taking drugs and sleeping. If I weren't injured and recovering, i'd either be considered a junky or a housecat, right? Right.


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  1. people in general who do nothing but take drugs and sleep also have difficulties telling whether they are clever. no worries.


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