Sunday, March 22, 2009

Panniers save bikes?

So to be nice we took Soli's cousin's bike in to the shop where we got a really good 3 bike rack (it was only $30 more than the 2 bike one and I told my mom I'd be everyone's best friend on trips where we need a bike rack if I have that extra one) and the employees were all very helpful and down to earth, and we went to go get a sandwich while they took a look at soli's cousin's bike.

To our surprise, all that was wrong with the bike was that the back wheel where the car hit me was a little out of true and took like less than ten minutes to repair, and my mom was feeling so good about that that she decided to go ahead and replace Camilla's destroyed pannier rack. I think she'll be pretty happy about that. I just can't believe that in comparison to me, the bike looks relatively unscathed! I think that's sort of a blessing because I borrowed it in the first place!

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