Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday I had one of those days where I looked at the alarm clock and turned it off when I was supposed to wake up and do responsible stuff and then slept in and missed the better part of a beautiful day. I don't quite hate myself, but dude, I'm pretty mad at myself.

I had dreams of going on vacation with Chilton to different islands in a small yellow plane driven by a seasoned celebrity [I can't remember who it was, just that he was famous for something at some point] and there was one island that we went to that had obstacle courses and all of my friends were there and then there was one that was like, infested with cats and I came back to my hotel room and Chilton had gotten himself a girlfriend. Trippy.

Then I had an awesome day which consisted of cleaning up my house a bit, taking a shower, making Taylor and I dinner to go, and then I picked her up and went to the Chip Kidd lecture at UMSL. As expected, the lecture was awesome. Then I had to go bowling and that was fun too. The end.

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