Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I feel this kind of anxiety that's akin to forgetting to wear green on St Patrick's Day in Elementary School and getting released for recess and knowing that everyone is going to have a field day playing grabass with you. Not actual grabass but Stephen instilled this love for that word in me that isn't goin anywheres. I feel like...what color are you supposed to wear to be immune to April Foolin?!

The real answer is probably way wittier than anything I could say right now, so I'll tell you what's going on on TV instead...Reno 911 is doing a skit to high schoolers and Dangle is dressed up as the "Ghost of Drunk Driving" which now I think someone should be for Aprilween. He is essentially dressed up as a mummy with a toothache and a bunch of beer cans on strings hanging off of him in various places. What. A. Cool. Costume.
What is Aprilween you ask? Oh you don't know? Should we tell em? I don't know if they're ready to hear it, are they ready to be told what it is?

I totally made that joke when I was in New York in February and someone took me a little too seriously and for a second I became the bully in Elementary School and really actually felt mean and there was no way to tell anyone that I didn't mean it without actually sounding like a total ass. So, in having told that joke and not thinking it's funny's what Aprilween is...the next time I'll be getting back on a bike probably.

Something I was as lazy as yr mom to find: top 100 hoaxes for April Fools.
Even funnier: Google's Hoaxes

I'd tell you the best April Fool's hoax I ever pulled and will never be able to do again (mostly because I'll never again be an underage girl) but I don't really want to talk about it on the internet, sorry.

Happy April Fools Day.

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