Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bookmark it. Now.

So my friend Ksteg who I talk about frequently [citation provided but no one else will think this is a funny joke] told me she started a tumblr blog, and after I tried to sway her to the reasons I didn't like tumblr, she totally has upstaged me and made me feel like some sort of little boy with no friends because I was really good at a video game and no one else could beat me till a new kid came in town and found a cheat that I'd been blind to.

Anyways, all rambling aside, her blog is really cool and she pretty much is the reason I regain faith in art ever (you know, that sort of faith has to be renewed...not that there aren't other people in my life now to do this also) and she knows more about music and movies and will find cooler things on the internet all while spending less time on it and on top of that she'll get her homework done on time. WTF Ksteg you baffle me.

So anyways, look under my "I read your Blog" section of links and click on seeyoulaser right now and bookmark that shit. Seriously. She told me she was scared of blogger because it felt like buying a pretty new diary and not having anything to say, and she's already doing such a good job integrating blog updates into her neato workflow. She's magic and you're gonna fall in love with her and she's not gonna have time for ya.

Thank me later suckaaahhs!

1 comment:

  1. thanks for showing me some new internets.

    [ ... and i thought the citation joke was funny.]


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