Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gay, Straight, or Taken?

Blind date shows always make for good late night entertainment, but it's really fun to watch Gay Straight or Taken on Lifetime Real Women channel.

They introduce it like the woman is on a regular blind date show, and then they introduce her to her three dates, and then when she is first meeting them, her cell phone rings (like that isn't a red flag that the producers don't request you to leave the cell at home or on silent?!) and some girl (in a really scripted way) tells the girl "you're on a date with my boyfriend, and if you pick him, I get to go on your romantic vacation prize!" and then the same thing happens after she reacts and it's the gay dude's boyfriend.

It's all pretty formulaic, but it's hilarious to watch every so often because the women seem really really desperate and it's funny to watch the guys try to act to win the trip or whatever and also their mini dates are lame and awkward. Plus it always sounds like the camera crew is prompting/encouraging the contestants to say certain things. I totally wish I could go on the show, except what if I won the trip and then I'd have to go on a romantic vacation with a guy I hardly know. Cuz I never do that.

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