Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I wish I were at Morrissey.

But I didn't buy my ticket on time or arrange for a ride there, so it goes. Anyways, it probably wouldn't have felt as magical as it did when Ksteg took me for my 21st birthday and it was Morrissey's 48th birthday and he sung himself "unhappy birthday" and shouted "This is what 48 looks like!" just as he ripped off his shirt.

And, I swear he looked right into my eyes and then looked a little creeped out by the way I was looking at him. Yeah, even if it didn't happen, it sounds like a funny idea, right?

I did see 'I Love You, Man' tonight with Taylor and Genevieve and my Mom and it was great. Highly Recommended. I laughed so loudly so often and I think I teared up a little bit at some point and then I beat myself up a little bit for tearing up so easily. On the way out, I saw my friend John who was on his way to the next show and he said "two of my favorite working actors starring-- what's not to love?" which made perfect sense to me.

Good posters. My mom dropped me off afterwards and now I wish I had someone to bring me a bottle of wine and watch TV or movies or something with me. That would be so awesome. I don't think I'm very snuggly in my neck brace but I'd try if the right person was around. I got a nice little check in today from someone special who's usually way too busy for my taste and that was nice too.

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