Friday, April 3, 2009


Thought this would be a good idea to get into the habit of it, since I have a habit of checking my analytics at weird times of the month. Here's what brought people to my blog this month.

938 visits
281 visitors
19 countries
23 states

While my main source of search engine traffic continues to be the fact that I am good friends with Jeremy and know how to spell his name correctly, I really love and appreciate that this month someone searched for "that's what she said" "ghost ice" because he really is really really good at surprising you with that's what she said zingers. It's always when you feel so safe too. It's also nice to see that people that know my last name are searching for me. I hope that the person who is 'in love with brother's best friend' found some answers, and I am happy to know that I got 51 visits the day after my accident and 49 the day after, then between 23 and 50 every day after that until the end of the month.

"jeremy kannapell"
jeremy kannapell
jeremy ghost ice
demetri martin
"agnetha's ass"
agate alphabet
doebrain blog
doebrains blogspot
h lindsy doe blogspot
lindsy donahue blog
"bikini acid"
"eagle winged palace"
"laundry room squelchers" "rat bastard"
"scott walker" + scott4
"spooky action palace" finnish
"that's what she said" "ghost ice"
1995 police shooting st. louis mo at pooh's bar
carmellized onions
carmellizing onions
college fuck
demetri martin neck brace
doe brains heatherlindsy
framboise chocolate stout
h lindsey doe
h lindsey doe duh
h lindsy doe
h lindsy donahue
h lindsy doe blogspot
h.lindsey doe
hungover animated gif
i love you, ono blogspot
in love with brother's best friend
iphone scanner
jake and amir gif
jermey kannappel
kannapell st louis mo
levi's snuggie
lindsy donahue
maliea chicago
my brother best friend
neck brace
old vs drunk
old vs drunk vid
pat odell horses
ractus furry
school for the blind architecture
soundtrack "dan hosker"
the past karaoke
tiny budweiser
voyeur oops
why hippies ruined everything

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