Sunday, April 12, 2009

My friends got some press (sorta)

Josh Levi sent me this slideshow and nod that lo-fi saint louis gave to cherokee street happenings, the pics are mostly from the opening of Binge and Purge, which I was in Texas for unfortch. The middle picture above is of my friends Josh, Mike, and Caleb who all started this psychedelic space out jam out band that is really fun to see. It is like bridging a gap between all these disparate scenes in St Louis local music and shows and whatever. Or at least I think that's what their place is. They are going to play at apop records on Record Store Day which is on April 18th I believe. Vintage Vinyl will have bands and "local celebrity DJs" as well as free monster and pbr (but with a two person limit)...on that day I will totally be hangin at apop where my friends and a cold byowhatevs policy will be.

Here is that slideshow I was talking about.

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