Friday, April 17, 2009

My mind is officially blown.

People are acting like the internet is new again and i kinda like it.

oh, you don't think so? tumblr my tweet yr mom joined facebook so i ffffound yr flickr on dropular and reblogged via my iphone and wtf is bbm it's like mac vs pc...woah. I bet I didn't even cover all the bases either. invite only.

is this gonna be on our resumes?
yep. i'm going to bed. i hope no one thinks I actually talk like that.

Ps- i am watching the best Gay Straight or Taken ever. The lady is a ranked snowboarder and she has weird teeth and carries a yorkie around with her and the girlfriend and boyfriend of 2 of the contestants just came out and the girlfriend is fat and she guessed that the fat girl's boyfriend is gay. BUT she guessed that the straight and available guy was in fact straight and available! I don't think I've ever seen anyone win the trip for themselves and they look like they are gonna have fun! Or maybe I am a little drunk and up too late and I really wish that the only boy I care about paying attention to me would do so. Ugh.

To make up for all my lameness right now, here are two really awesome timesucks of sites I found on the internet via this guy in NY's blog that I totally want to be friends with in real life, and what I made with them.
and if you have an in house camera--
I also watched something about a class on being famous on the internet and ugh. I didn't feel like reposting it, but maybe I'll just link this post later.

Also, Back To the Future II is on and it always reminds me of how much time my brother and I used to spend taping magnets to the bottoms of our skateboards trying to make a Hoverboard. I still wish hard that it'd work.


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