Monday, April 6, 2009

Rad Book Cover.

I just remembered that I bought this book because of the awesome cover design, started reading it, put it down, and now I think it's probably still at my old boyfriend's house.

I just looked up who the designer of the book cover was because I think of it often and it's really well designed. I found the answer here. Seems like a cool site in itself, but also could go in the direction of feeling like a fucking nightmare stupid college critique. Here's another book cover forum. Here's the AIGA design archives site with it. Here's the cover on the designer's website in case you wanted to see anything else he did, which I'm telling you that you do. What's especially interesting about Paul Sahre's site is that he has a section called "regrets" and another called "killed" [as in rejected but cool] where every picture/project has a small story to it. I'm going to remember that when I am putting together a site/portfolio for myself. I should also remind myself that every project has a story, but the story isn't always good. Discretion is key.

You could've looked at the top three hits on google too but then I figured you might get lazy.

I always wish I were more dedicated to reading books.

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