Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I guess I am truly a St Louisan if I love Slade. I didn't know about them (except for whatever their hit is they play on classic rock radio stations) before this year but both Jim Utz and Stephen have played Slade songs during their DJ sets I've been around to help out for and I'm seriously sold on every song I hear.

According to both friends, people went apeshit over them in the St Louis area, and pretty much no where else in the country. They were big in other countries, but here their biggest following was in St Louis. They made some sort of movie that I really want to see.

All their album covers are super well designed and they are always very well dressed. They also spell stuff wrong on purpose, which seems a little ahead of their time to me. They are kind of awesome, in a big way.

Band merch seems like it was so much cooler in the 70's. When Ali and I were watching the ABBA Movie (I know, weird to talk about in the midst of talking about something so rockin...that's just how I roll) they had like pillows and tube socks with printed band promo stuff on them. I would have so many pairs of socks if I could get my hands on some sweet band socks.

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  1. I need an orange jumpsuit in my wardrobe...wonder where Slade shopped? Good tunes!


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