Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update and whatevs...

The man tells Barbarella that she'll die of pleasure when the organ changes it's tune. Last time I watched that movie I ended up getting lucky and missing the end. Not that I usually talk about things like this on the computer in this format, but I'm pretty sure I could die if I tried to do it with anyone what with my skull/neck injury and all. Isn't that weird to think of? Btw-- here is how I'm looking these days:
Bruising is getting less discolored on my arms, there's only a small yellow spot on my cheek, I have a small scar a few inches above that by my eye (which is totally okay by me because it healed pretty well compared to what I looked like 2 weeks ago [same pose] or in the ER when I taught Soli how to email my blog to let everyone see the asphalt in my face that my ER boyfriend Alberto cleaned out of my face and wiped my tears away while shushing my cries of no health insurance...funny story, maybe I'll tell it another time... some of my friends have suggested that maybe this was a figment of the morphine I was on, but I don't think so, I think I just had really sweet male nurses), one of my 13 stitches fell out and it wasn't as gross as I thought it would be and it didn't hurt, there are still weird lumps on my jawline where I had that nasty bruise but hopefully that will go away,

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