Thursday, April 2, 2009

what's broken.

So, it's hard to explain what exactly is broken in my skull/ I asked my mom and she said it was the bump on the back of my head, but then she was more specific and said that my wonderful male nurse named John told her that it was my Occipital condyle-- which I've already conveniently googled for you to see. This makes me feel pretty badass for being alive, because every nurse or healthcare workforce member who asks "why the neckbrace?" and then I tell them and then I get some sort of (usually drunk, I don't know why I've been seeing such an abundance of nurses in bars lately...maybe it's because I hang out with predominantly dudes and they hang out with other dudes that like to have girls around to flirt with and you can always say "hellooooo nurse!" to a nurse and be like the animaniacs) "oh you poor thing you could have been paralyzed instantly or dead, that is so so so close to your 1st vertabrae."

So there we go. My bruising on my arm is turning weirder colors and is kind of hurting again (mostly because my uncle is my doc which means no more pain pills) but I am doing better and I am wearing my neckbrace as instructed.

My mom said she looked up the break on medical journals on the internet and the first recorded case was in 1815 and this guy fell on the back of his head and he went to the doctor and they checked him out and then they went to send him home and then he turned his head to say goodbye and dropped dead! DEAD! In the autopsy they discovered the tiny part of the skull that was broken had severed his brain stem when he turned his head! So she really scared me into not moving around too much because I'd really rather not drop dead.

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  1. I don't know if you remember Tony, the really good bowler fella that bowls with us sometimes, but he is replacing you and/or Keith for the remainder of the season and he asked about you last night and said to repair up soon.

    And, with him on our team and Justin rolling five strikes in a row (they got 223 and 222 that game, respectively), we broke the league record for best team series...Pinstrike Turkeyballs had it at 1984 but now Squids have it with 2046 or something like that. BANG!

    ...End Squidbowl Report!


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