Sunday, April 19, 2009


This guy that taught English to the year below me at my high school for a year and then came back as a sub after getting fired has been arrested for "molesting two young girls and keeping hundreds of images of child pornography at his home." Holy Shit. The above scan is from my 2004 yearbook. Check out the sketchy caption. Dude with the mullet was my bowling teacher.

His booking photo looks like he's been drunk for days or something. Man. I used to talk to him a bit because all my friends that were a year younger seemed to really like him as a teacher and he was a pretty friendly guy but there was always something that made me slightly uncomfortable around him, but not for really any particular reason that I could put my finger on. I was kind of socially awkward in high school in general. Maybe it was a candor that was more personal than most adults in the school or something, I dunno. I only remember one conversation I had with him and it was about his parents being dream psychologists or something.

I do recall one time that some girls in one of my classes that had fake IDs said they saw him in a bar and he didn't tell on them or something. He definitely looks like he's been a roughed up a little bit or something in the mugshot. It really doesn't sound like there is any shadow of a doubt that he should totally be fully prosecuted and one million dollar bail is totally appropriate. I wonder how his coteachers feel about this newfound information.

Read the article here.

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