Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Catchin up

Gotta talk about the crazy weekend and August analytics and the CAMSTL show on Friday + afterparty that is going to fucking rule later, right now all I can think of is the homework I have to do tomorrow and my cozy bed. I will mention that tonight on my iPhone listening to music in my car, Juiceboxxx came on and I had to track down this track. When I saw him live/hung out with him during SXSW '08 he said that he had a song that he found the female vocals via a craigslist ad, which I've been stuck on ever since, even if I can't remember exactly what song it was. I'd like to think it was this song but I could be completely wrong.

Either way, it is a good jam. White midwestern kid rap at its goofiest best and he definitely is scurred to come back to STL because he wrecked some shit at LNAC last time he was here (I did not see but heard about it) and when I saw him at SXSW he fell through a patio corrogated plastic (?) roof thing and he is just a balls to the walls performer. Cool dude. Sweet Jamz, listen to that track.

Here are the party pics that my friend Joel looked at and knew I was at SXSW and told me I was there and then I put them on my myspace profile:

ok for this one I remember thinking there are a lot of photographers around and i probably look like a of course it39s captured.

i like this because i like high fives.yeahhhh.....

This one isn't as jammin as a song but definitely you can see his sense of humor's the only one I saw on videos that I also own on mp3. The linked one is more of a fave, click on it, duh!

this one is way better live, straight up roller rink hits:

ps- totally drunk post. If you totally hated's a joke I found somewhere along the kind of reminds me of my high school experience in Orange County. Only funnier.

There were literally a group of kids in my art class (and their friends, all of whom I was [sort of] friendly with) that would change the label of their "scene" genre ...WEEKLY. Emo, screamo, mod, I can't even remember how many different names they called themselves. Here is a picture of me painting my friend Clay's nails black (who was one of the aforementioned) instead of doing my assignments:

I leave you with that. Funny right? I can't tell anymore. I think I'm already bored with it, but sort of amused by the idea of it. I think "scene" is a Southern California kind of word, right? I don't hear it at all out here, or maybe it is just something that only high schoolers say?

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