Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here's what my cable says the description is:

Date With an Angel (1987), one star, Silliness about a musician (Michael Knight), his fiancée (Pheobe Cates), and a gorgeous angel. (Comedy, 105 mins.)

I've seen parts of this before and I guess it's worth giving it a shot. The Wikipedia entry says: The film was marketed with the tagline "Jim is about to marry a princess... but he's in love with an angel." Imdb says that the standout quote is Phoebe Cates's character saying: "He hit me daddy! And then he kicked me in my hiney!"

I think it's funny because Phoebe Cates has a terrible 90's mom haircut and she is whining the whole time (but she is still a babe, duh) and the angel sort of looks like a prettier version of Paris Hilton and she doesn't talk, she coos and screeches like a bird, and the guy is just neurotic the whole movie. Right now his friends are trying to steal her by luring her with french fries, which she just discovered she loves. What will happen next? If you like wasting time on B movies like Ksteg and me, this movie is worth seeing once.

I love seeing siskel and ebert review stupid movies. The bad movies get em goin. That's the real treat. Watch em fight:

This Friday

Beach House is playing at the Billiken Club! If you've never been to a show there you are missing out because they are all FREE!!!! There is also a weird bar in their cafeteria where the venue is. The sound is way better than the Gargoyle, and SLU students aren't the dominating force attending usually!

Afterwards I am planning to somehow partake in the birthday celebrations of Apop records' Tiffany (she's aiming for dance party...if we get good people together and lots of cheap beer I bet this is a pretty easy request) and so let's all party down, even though I don't think I'll be doing much dancing.


AH AH! there is a documentary on the History channel that is called HIPPIES. I watched this with Michael a few years ago and not only does it have awesome footage, it also takes the point of view that the Hippies on the Haight ruined everything (namely the educated black man in economically depressed areas) by bringing drugs and the demand for them to the ghetto which was movin on up till the hippies ruined it with their stupid drug money and runaway kids that came to SF thinking that it was going to be warm and they wore no shoes and got hooked on drugs...

They also talk about why communes are a bad idea (underestimating how complicated the simple life could be and why you shouldn't give your 5 year old acid) and and the "groovy murders" (not Charlie Manson but they do mention him) and all sorts of other good stuff. They treat it like history. It happened. It ended for a reason, here are the reasons hippies failed. It's a really good TV documentary.

I hope everyone gets to see this at some point in time. They don't really have anything on their website about it.

But for a second I think I will join in and seriously I promise this is the only time I will ever ever do something like this and maybe it's kind of funny and embarrassing (?) you don't even have to click this link and I can't even watch the whole thing but I will reluctantly admit that I like this song and this video is kind of funny but not that funny. I feel weird about myself now. When I started liking that song I thought it was Tom Petty that was singing it.

sigh. the mc5 will fix everything:

PHEW! that was close!

Since I'm feeling so revealing/ashamed, this might be a good time to mention that one of my favorite songs ever ever is sung by Charles Manson...did you know he made music? Neil Young thought he was gonna be HUGE! listen:

Ahh, Barbara.

I RIDE AN OLD CENTURION!!! That's what makes this photo ULTRA babely! It looks a little big for her! I'm not sure if it's newer or older but my shifters are on the downtube instead of the handlebars and it's definitely cuter than this one!

I've been watching a lot of I Dream of Jeannie lately and falling in love with Barbara Eden all over again. I love how much she loves the Major. People that say it's misogynistic are party poopers. He loves her and cares for her and they do sweet things for one another, and they even have a friend to share their secret with. My mom kept asking "are they married?" and somehow she managed the question in several different ways, and kept asking until I watched enough to figure it out.

When I was a kid in Tahoe I would ride my bike around and dream that I would run into Barbara Eden, she apparently lived somewhere in the area. My friends in Incline Village used to run into Leonard Nimoy at the Sevvie (7-11) so it's not that huge of a stretch, I promise! When I was 14 I begged and begged my mom to buy me this like 30 or 40 dollar exact replica costume for Halloween. She bought it for me but I wish I still had it. Maybe it's in a box somewhere at my parents'!!!! I bet she's partly responsible for forming some part of my sexuality. Definitely this scrunchy thing she does with her nose that every so often someone (usually male, usually flirting) will notice. If only I filled out tops like she does, ha!

When I set up my Tivo that's the first thing that I'm going to set to record. I found a pretty cute story on this fansite for Barbara Eden, just click on the "dreams come true" tab if you have some time to read a very excited account of the site's maker meeting her.

This is interesting...I found the original opening sequence which was live action.

So says a scifi blog here too! I wonder who else is on their babe list!


I hate it when people my age do that thing where they replace "ies" with "ehs" like saying kittehs or movehs. It's one of those things that you only ever see written on the internet and it should've stayed wherever it came from. I could think of a few more but I'd rather just try going back to sleep right now.

This. Sucks.

I didn't want to wake up early. I want to go back to sleep. I don't have anything to do but be in a neckbrace and not sleep on my side where my elbow is hurt, so I want to go back to sleep. I really wish I wasn't out of pain meds and had a certain boy here with me to snuggle me back to sleep. UGH. Everything is frustrating. And my dome hurts.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I found a set on flickr via this entry in the dieline, where I got the image from, which is just a whole shitload of awesome pictures of vintage beer cans!

in case you missed it:

Package design [ophile]

I found this blog called TheDieLine.com that just features really awesome packaging. ENJOY!
no matter

Everything is so nicely photographed. I think I'll be adding this to my links. I've been adding so many lately I might want to start organizing them.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wanted to take you guys on my FFFound journey.

Deer+Bike+Matt Lauer

Taylor's dad looks just like Matt Lauer, but I'm glad it wasn't Lyle that was in the accident with a deer. I can't believe I was able to find TWO images of dude carrying a buck on a bike. They were probably taken from the same car.

deer on bicycle via here


My mom bought me this dremmel with a jigged guard for your pets' nails and is coming over with C cell batteries for me to try. Maybe I should take video too.

This child taught me something

back in December I watched this and I learned how to grab footage! Enjoy!


TV stop teaching me bad pick up lines. I like this commercial...What do you think?

I think I'm going to start carrying around a cold beer in my backpack. It might be warm by the time I find a cute boy to open it for. Or I'd just share it with a friend.

Fuckin A.

So while I was in the Hospital in Austin, they kept telling me that hit and runs to cyclists are really common in Austin. Then I read on this blog entry that they have all these white bicycles chained to trees as memorials of cyclists that were KILLED by cars.

I guess I got out lucky. I guess I should have looked at this site too.
Here is more info on the so called "Ghost Bikes"--- they are all around the world to mark cyclist's last rides.

I guess on a hugely related note, DKNY borrowed the concept of ghost bikes for a campaign and it looks like it didn't go too well...READ MORE

So...not to be totally morbid or anything but also to be totally morbid...what kind of bike would you want your friends to leave as a ghost bike for you, and if you don't want to have a bike go unridden like that, then what would you have them do with it?

It's a cat kind of day.

you may remember this which I showed to my friend Frank and he made it into an awesome GIF! YAY Frank! I found the other one on my new addiction FFFOUND.
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