Thursday, April 30, 2009

David Aspinall

OMGOMG Ksteg got me some grow snow from hobby lobby for my bday one year and that reminds me of some of his other work. See it [here]

Geometry face.

I want to do this to a picture of me. That boy has stupid hair.


It's a website that showcases whatever design students send them, as long as you only send them 3 images. I heard about it [here]


I wonder what typeface their logo is in, I really like it.

Speaking of alphabets

via [here]
via [here]

and check out the politically incorrect alphabet [here]


I wonder if anyone makes cookie cutters in different fonts? If Taylor was into baking, I'd totally do that for her birthday. Maybe I will still do it except I'd have to eat it because she doesn't eat marshmallows so I don't think she eats gelatin gelatin. I love jello. My late Grandma, Geraldine Donahue, used to cook eggs in the microwave and put fruit in jello and that was something that was always in her fridge no matter what.

Give me ideas of clever things you can spell out in jello jigglers. All I can think of right now is THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. Harumph. I keep thinking of projects and I feel seriously lame because the only thing I find typographically satisfying and want to make stuff say is a boy's name. Puppy Love is Embarrassing.

Instead let's just enjoy some pictures from an image search on jello jigglers while I watch Thunderbirds movies. Here, I'll jog your memory:

I learned how to make crayons and got this picture [here] and am keeping alphabet candles in mind for a future project.

An analogy I've been meaning to bring up...

Paul Sahre:Marvel; Chip Kidd:DC
then is
Paul Sahre:Chip Kid; Marvel:DC?

I think it's funny that two super design heroes have a vested interest in comics and identify themselves in certain's like they are superheroes themselves and their lives are the secret identities with the glasses.

I better get some glasses quick if I'm ever going to be taken seriously.

pic of chip kidd via [here] where there is an interview w/ him where he talks about comics a lot./the pic of paul sahre i found on some kid's flickr [here]

ps- this was my favorite piece he showed us when Taylor and I saw chip kidd lecture, and I totally want to copy the method:


You Know I love It!

Movie Watchin'

Summer Lovers


The description of this movie is young Daryl Hannah and Peter Gallager are a couple on vacation somewhere with a lot of nude beaches and they decide to have a threesome. Of course it's the man that finds this other woman. She isn't as cute as Daryl Hannah and she wears more makeup.They have a waterbed. I'm pretty sure even if this movie isn't that good it will be good.

I'm only 8 mins in and I'm convinced that the real message to this movie is that Plaid is for boys and Stripes are for girls. I'm going to make a poster that says that.

You'll see this again soon

Vague, I know. But there's my lovely manicure again.


who else is grossed out by the campaign that KY lubes are running? It's like "I don't want to know about your sex life random couple!" Ok, I guess the asian couple and the busy couple are a little funny.

condom commercials are way better. ever seen this one? type in "pronto condoms" on youtube, those are really good too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steven Harrington.

I found out about him from buying a dunny. I looked at all the pictures in the series and wished that I would get that one and I got it! I have since forgotten where I put it :( but I think I will find it one day. I gasped when I saw the burton shaped flash drive, and frowned when the link didn't work, but then I felt better when I reread it and it said they only came in 512 mb and 1 gb sizes. Phew, no thank you, too small for me.

It's nice to see an artist that loves split fonts (one color fading into another--it's a silkscreen technique) and yin yangs as much as I do. So Californian. Look at this blog of this traveling show he did here which i found here.

I totally want this or any poster from him for my bday next month.

Visit his site here.

Movie Watchin'


I missed the first part, and it's probably censored or shortened because I watched it on the Oxygen Network...but you know, this was a better movie than I'd originally thought. The thing that affected me the most in this movie was that every time Scarlett Johansson stayed with Hugh Jackman she wore his dress shirts and no pants, and I totally wished I could lounge around wearing someone special's dress shirts. They made for a very handsome faux couple. There is a really good scene wherein Woody Allen drives a tiny black smartcar and he drives on the wrong side of the road!

Overall, I liked this movie. Scarlett Johansson makes me jealous that I'm not in several of Woody Allen's films. I know that is stupid to say because I am not even an actor but I think something weird got planted in my head that because she is around my age, or maybe the same age, Woody Allen choosing to repeatedly cast her in films makes me wish I was in several of his films. Maybe that's not it, I don't know why she makes me jealous but she does. That's weird right? I feel like I shouldn't have admitted that now. Whatever, forget I said that, it's a good movie.

I don't know why I didn't post these before

These were from my 4th of July and Taylor and I were having fun with Matt's toys. A friend did a post on Star Wars fandom pictures [here] and it made me think of these.

Embedding Disabled By Request.

Some of my least favorite words.

DAY 100 celebration

Does anyone else think it's kind of cool that the 100th episode of LOST fell on the same day that Obama's been in office for 100 days?

My Friend Logan.

We sat next to one another in Digital Arts class in high school. We also had a Spanish class together. He was and is still very meticulous about grammar, which earned him the nickname Grammar Man from our acquaintance Garrett. One time I was really perturbed and we were partnered up in Spanish class and I snapped at him and told him to get that grammar stick out of his ass, and I swear his reaction can be likened to only that of when Lisa Simpson says you could see Ralph's heart breaking.

He was always excellent at math and is so left brained and meticulous about everything in general, not just grammar. Whenever we had to turn in an assignment in digital arts, he would print out two versions, and I guess he valued my creative opinion because he would always turn to me and hold them up and ask "which one should I turn in?" I would literally have to ask "What's the difference?" So he would show me the tiniest of differences to help him choose. I got pretty tactful about asking that question without making him feel bad about his work. That's a good skill for him to have taught me, I think.

We still keep in touch online and he sent me his website which is very minimal and hyper functional, so much so that I think I'm going to ask him about it more. He is graduating from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute soon. I downloaded his resume and it is so direct. I think he is going to be very successful, or at least I hold very high hopes for him. Over the holidays when I was home we were texting one another programming jokes (that is what he is in school for) and had plans to meet for coffee that never happened. He used to wear that 2 toned sweatshirt he is wearing in the bottom picture every day. The funniest thing about him is that i think he only recently indicated an interest in girls at all. I could be wrong but I like to think that it's a recent development. Hehe.

PS- Does this boy look like he can solve a rubik's cube because he knows the formula for it. Crazy awesome, right?

Funny picture

My friend Liz sent me this. The guy in the picture is named Guy, he and Liz hang out when she is in town. The first time I met Guy he overheard me saying that I'd spent my entire day doing research on Kate Bush and astrology, and so he asks me how that's going every time we run into one another, which is awesome.

Jutta Koether

I came across this image the other day and I liked how this work was hung. It'd be interesting to see more of what the back of some artists' work looks like, it's like letting the viewer in on a secret only install people get to see.

Movie watchin!

Two words: Crazy bitches. I think this movie gave me a fear of chunky Christian women.

I don't even know how to feel about this movie. It creeped me out beyond belief. Enjoy some of the craziness here:

I get upset when you fart too!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Can we take a nap?

AH i love this movie.

great still from girl on a motorcycle/naked under leather, which I talked about in August.

Double take.

This does not look like Goldie Hawn right here, this looks like my friend Sara Gruenwald. I wanted to post it on her facebook wall but then she has some sort of pseudonym on there and I couldn't remember what it was. Argh.

Movie watchin!

First I'd like to say I've noticed that I watch too much TV at this point in my life and as it gets warmer and the neck brace comes off, I will watch a seriously reduced amount of it. Last summer I watched so little television I actually considered canceling my cable subscription but then it got cold and I started staying home more.

I watched this movie called Some Girl and I really liked it. It existed in this weird realm that only rich kids in LA can live in...every house they went to had a giant porch and was huge and it was always unclear who lived with their parents/siblings/etc. Giovanni Ribisi (who I saw in a movie theater one time when I saw uhhhh 'I drink your milkshake' movie...fuck, I am too tired to think of There Will Be Blood) is supposed to be 22 and he looks and dresses 22 and quite possibly is 22 in this movie, and I didn't notice until writing this, but not only are two Ribisis in the movie, they are actually related to one another in the film. There is a great scene where she is walking through what is presumably their parents' kitchen and Giovanni has carved a vagina out of a papaya and is schooling their younger brother on giving ladies pleasure. The love interest is cute and everything but he had the worst haircut that was like late 90s Clooney copied Ceaser cut man bangs and I couldn't get past that until his hair was messed up.

Spoiler alert: this is what the end of the movie looks like...she just burned this boy's house down (bitch please) and then there were voice overs of memorable lines that surrounded the romance, my favorite was "aww Chads are the worst" said by Juliette Lewis who plays a really hateful slut but you also feel like you've had a friend that doesn't have bad intentions but bad things just happen and maybe they'll grow up and be a better person or whatever so it somehow feels normal that her friends keep taking her back or picking her up from having drunk one night stands and then upon dropping her off to her car always ask "are you ok to drive?" which she answers "I don't know" to one time.
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