Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little help for my friend

My friend from high school is trying to win this contest. Since I love contests that are based on web analytics and internet popularity, I am totally helping him out.

He wants to win this job where he will get to live on a vineyard and spend his days twittering about wine. Even though the twitter fad gets on my nerves, I absolutely love this idea.

Go to this site [here] and all you have to do is confirm your email address, and you can even leave the box that sends you winery updates blank so you don't get a whole bunch of emails from a winery in CA...unless you like that kind of thing. His video is really cute/funny and screams "I am a college student!" so loud it is funny. Help my buddy Dan out.

Stephen makes Karl's cat fly

How my weekend started out.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad Idea

Oh my lord. This reminds me of when my Mom helped me buy a new car and for a second I entertained the idea of getting a vanity plate and I was all overexcited and said "oh man, what if I could get it to say RAD or something?!" and all she said was "do you want the police thinking you are rad?"

You want the POlice thinking you wanna get arrested for possesion?

sometimes I feel like this.

This season is really getting the best of me. I never noticed how the guy in this movie's handlebars are totally upside down. If you've never seen Valley Girl you are a fool who is missing out on life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just read on a blog I happened upon [here] that Girl on A Motorcycle is going to be (finally) released on DVD and I did a post a while back about it [here]. It is one of my favorites, even though the ending is totally fucked up.

This picture of Marianne Faithfull looks like this girl Kaitlin that I know.

My Unca Mike

He's making fun of this crazy organ in my grandma's house while we clean it out. Don't worry, she's not dead, she just moved to a condo where she can brag all day to other old ladies.


I had this weird dream where this guy in carhartt overalls and covered in soot came to a table I was at in the fox theater and broke my iPhone screen and then all the glass crumbled out like when someone busts out your car window. I hope it isn't prophecy.

Also I noticed a lot of carhartt billboards yesterday (I took a daytrip with 2 girlfriends down I-44 to about the Meramec Caverns area-- pictures later) and sort of wondered if they updated their logo or at least changed the typeface they use at the bottom of that little C thing...I guess one of the only places I ever see their logo is when it's real tiny on someone's butt--and we all know that when you're looking at someone's butt a lot of times you end up quickly averting your eyes in fear that someone will notice what you are doing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dad Story

My dad tells me some different variation on what was going on the day I was born every year on my bday. I thought I'd share it- I like how he goes into detail about technology like I didn't grow up with a rotary mickey mouse phone in my room or something...I guess he is trying to be cute there. Paul D is so good at being an Aquarius.

Happy Birthday Heather !

I remember the day your mom learned she was pregnant with you.....she was astonished and in disbelief ! She had purchased one of the over the counter pregnant tests cuz she was acting and feeling sooooo weird ! .... I also remember the day you were born....your doctors made certain the Lakers game was playing in the operating room because they didnt want to miss their team in playoffs even though your mom was in a medically stressed condition and you needed to be born !

When you were finally born you clearly didnt like it in the outside world as much as your cozy inside world so you needed to spend your first few days in a special infant transitional environment with heat and oxygen. I remember being so happy and excited to see you after waiting 9 months that I stayed up all night talking with you about your new world and family. Your sister Caryn came to the hospital after I reached her by calling around on a "land line" phone to her friends house and she finally got the message (we didnt have cell phones, text, twitter, facebook, or wireless email in those ancient dark times of communication....In fact I think we had just advanced from smoke signals and )....Caryn was 16 and had just begun driving.....she was soooo worried about you and her mom and needed to be calmed down but was very happy when she finally saw both you and your mom.

Your mom recovered slowly from the surgery and she was finally able to see you for the first time when you were 1.5 days old.

It was a great day for our family when you were born and now I hope that you have a marvelous birthday celebration....We are all celebrating the day in your honor !



Another hilarious blog

This doesn't even scratch the surface of how good this site is. I already got to the end of it. My blogroll is getting outta control.!

ps- i think the stars must be aligned because they posted that picture of the leotarded people on my birthday, which is TODAY!

the most annoying hail ever

Really nice footage though. My friend jamie sent me this.

Monday, May 25, 2009


So I was chatting on Gmail with my friend Ryan and he said:

"Analytics are like dreams, they are only interesting to whoever's site it is."

I think dream sharing is only interesting if it's under like say 3 sentences. Or if they include you.


Woops, my dad called me a day early to leave me really awesome cheesy birthday messages. I wish I could share them with you all.

Ps- I'm totally one of those people that saves their messages that they like/think are funny/are prank calls so if you ever run into me and want to hear some, just ask.


Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

Oh lordy, The Onion makes me so happy sometimes. My friend Jamie (who is a photographer/retoucher for a living and moved away to Chicago about 6 mos ago) was in town for the weekend and wanted me to go to London Calling with her, and there I saw this gay kid that is friends with this drunk girl who used to be neighbors with Soli and now dates this really hot bike racer dude (I know, right?) who has a nice SLR camera, and actually everywhere I see these two they are always in a bar taking pictures of one another. They are nice and everything, I just prefer to actually be enjoying myself instead of taking pictures where it looks like I'm enjoying myself but I'm actually only talking with the few other people that are in all my photos or whatevs. I can't say I'm not guilty of party pics, but I think I'm totally gonna start frowning in them or making funny faces so I just look like a photobomber instead of looking all doe in headlights.

Since they know me they kept pointing it at me and then Jamie tagged me in all these party pictures on facebook (some of them are super unflattering too, you know when you look at a picture and all you can say is "shit, i need a haircut"?) and I totally want to untag myself in a lot of them because in most of them I have a drunk girl hanging on me. This is the only one I like, where I try to make my scar look like a moustache:

Stay with me here.

This is the shittiest picture taken in the shittiest rain ever, but this person has a vanity plate that says BOW DOWN

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ive got nothing

Except that I'm sure this person must live in Kansas city and either love or live on the Missouri side but register their car on the kansas side.

How the fuck did they miss this one?

Seriously? I feel like I'm looking at something that should be confiscated by the government.

It never rains in southern CA

But here you get gnar downpours

I wish

That this captured how spooky and windy it looks at this moment. It just started to pour rain immediately after.

My new dance move

Is squeezing in between people on crowded dance floors.


movie time.

Ended up watching the Virgin Suicides today on TV. I love this movie. The music is so good. I was way into the soundtrack when it came out, but I like all the songs in it. I found those awesome stills on this girl's flickr.

Friday, May 22, 2009


My birthday is on Tuesday
and I finally figured out how to make it super fun. BALLOONS. If I'm lucky and I get my shit together maybe I can silkscreen em. I'm gonna make a flyer after I go to Dollar Tree to do balloon research...hehe.

Dakota Punk's bday is the day after mine so maybe if she stayed up late we could drink a midnight drink and link arms while doing so. Wouldn't that be sweet, Kristin?

Secret emoticons!

AH maybe there ARE emoticons to express each and every one of my emotions!!!! AND THEY ARE 'SECRET'

I can't help myself

I haven't made one but one of the chain lettery things I really like on facebook that people are doing is tagging their friends in this sort of thing. I seriously cannot help myself from clicking on it when I see it in someone's pictures. I'm all like "oooh lemme see what someone I don't know thinks they should stereotype my friend as!" My brother and another guy I know got tagged as "ladies man"...I'm still confused as to why they didn't just keep the original names of those characters.

I got tagged in hipster bingo or something by my friend Jamie which not only made me uncomfortable for its employment of comic sans, but also because I don't really wear many t-shirts at all and she tagged me as the 'ironic 80's tshirt'. I decided I am guilty of 11 of them. :(

You can tell that I'm a dork

because every time I forget to check the box that says "email followup comments to...." I go "NoOooOOOoooooOOo!"

I can't remember

Whether I thought this was funny or if I liked the packaging or both.

I love it when

Something makes me laugh out loud so hard and it's awkward because I'm


Its a kite! If it didn't look broken I might've bought it.

holy shit.

I've always wondered what it would be like to one day run into a photo of someone I know on a random blog I was reading and now I think I know.

I'm pretty sure that this is my ska loving dorm mate from floor 4 at RISD precollege 2004 (yes I had already graduated high school, I don't know why I didn't know I could take big people classes either) from Connecticut. I constantly forget her name. Of course she is caught in the act of a photo cliché. Of course. She was totally scared of me because she thought I was having sex in the room all the time. In reality I did not have sex in our room, but one time when she went home for the weekend I got felt up by a gutter punk dressing guy that is totally material. I don't know why I am facebook friends with him but I am. Ah, one of my favorite things is to deny that I have any regrets.

Half amusing.

There is a set on flickr where someone found a memory card while they were hiking or something and uploaded the photos. It's semi entertaining, worth a look. I found it on my new favorite website


Isn't this totally hot?

I totally wish I could copy this without actually being nude in public. Read this awesome interview from the person that took these pictures [here] He is totally in Missouri also!

I would want it if I didn't already have so many.

A very cool flash drive. Check out this review I found [here].

Darcel Disappoints.

I like this guy. He doesn't update often but they are always cute. Take a look, there aren't many of them. [here]

Great tagline.

This just makes me wish I had a picture of my friend Jason Peters in his schlitz cutoff shorts. They are so good.

Old ads are so homoerotic

It really does not surprise me that they made the character on AMC's
Mad Men who does the illustrations super duper gay.

More Beer, that's what.

So direct.

Vintage beer cups!

I liked this cover design.

What the whaaaa?

Holy shit your racist collection is not worth $150.

Something old?

No one thinks it's cute that you are trying to sell your unfinished project at an antique mall.

A second before...

The cloud to the right looked like it had another cloud for a
moustache. The clouds were wild yesterday.

Sometimes they gotta be told.

At Taylor's birthday the other night Brian said he gets super excited when people stop being vegetarians. I thought that was funny. I thought about sending it to passive aggressive notes but then I thought of this joke that this comedian made the other night about something he saw on the internet only he was trying to claim it like he made it up and 2 people at my table already saw that on the internet so it wasn't funny. Then I felt weird and just posted it here instead.

These snakes are spooning!

This made me so happy. Even constrictor snakes need love.

I got really close to this peacock

I was sort of scared he would attack me because I've definitely seen it chase children.

Scary bird with blue skin

Big Cat Showoff

The grass is always greener.

Giraffes are some of my favorite animals.

Sometimes I feel like this balloon

which I guess only lasts for under a minute so you don't even need to have a long attention span or any time to watch it. I know I didn't. I found it [here] and it has a pretty interesting story and the site I found it on is really interesting, so check it out.

I've been thinking about silver mylar balloons so much lately it hurts. They come in letters and they come plain and I totally wish I was in the habit of silkscreening so that I could be making so much of it that eventually something cool would turn out.

MO school for the blind says

Kindness is the oil that takes friction out of life.


I liked the last one better. It said "Time flies- it's up to you to be the navigator."


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