Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fucking shit.

I fucking forgot about my $20 water bottle in the fucking freezer so it fucking burst open. Indestructable my ass. This is the first and last time I make this mistake.

The Hangover

Ali and I saw the movie The Hangover and we want to start a Zach Galifinakis fan club now. Without him in it, that movie would suck. We loved everything about it except for the small asian man who is funny in some movies but horribly horribly unfunny in this movie. Worst character ever. Other than that, we laughed so loud so many times. Go see it.

New Woman

Got a haircut and my eyebrows done.

I love this sign so much.

It can be said so Many ways. Hand painted signs are the best. I feel fortunate to live in a city where there are so Many hand painted signs.

Ashley Vulture

Is a vision. You love her, you just don't know It yet.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Matching Couples.

I like this joke. We look like we were taking engagement photos and this is the dirty-but-vanilla candid one.

Angel Olson again

On accordion. I'll link to myspace later.

My friend Angel.

She's singing at open lot. It's also Grace's bday party of sorts.

Xtina? Is that you?

I like this picture for two reasons:

1) I've never seen such a delicious looking gyro. It has to be some sort of kebab sandwich on pita.

2) Is it just me and how I've watched movies like the Olivia Newton John movie Xanadu or Mannequinne with Kim Catrall and Andrew Mccarthy too many times, or does that girl look like she's actually trapped in an alternate universe that exists inside this picture and there must be a way to reach in and grab her?

I mean, I'm gonna leave this one alone because I don't want to get stuck finding her true love for her or anything, but I'm imagining that when you DO rescue her from the picture, there's a good chance she might have a voice that sounds like Fran Drescher.

Side note: I recently heard this girl talking on the phone say "has anyone ever told you that you sound like Fran Drescher?" and I thought to myself, "if anyone ever said that to me I'd be so offended." Does this seem like a thinly veiled insult to anyone else?

Hungry for something different?

This poster has been up in the window of this by the slice pizza place in the Balboa Fun Zone on Balboa Peninsula in California, close to where my parents live, for as long as I can remember, like even before we lived there and I visited with my cousins. I think it is a pretty awesome poster. I guess gyros haven't come up with a new campaign in a while.

Big momma's BBQ

We put a spoke card for the FBC goes to the movies in the table at big mama's BBQ. By us, I mean Trent. We will see if it's still there next year.

Car milestone.

Thought it was noteworthy that I got to 11001 miles on my odometer.
Let's see If I remember at 11111!



Every time I walk to my car at night when I'm not parked on a major street, I am glad that the windows are still intact. I don't say this often, but Amen.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

FBC goes to the movies #3

It was really fun for the most part. I almost didn't go. I went to work at White Flag at noon, and Taylor was out in rural IL visiting her grandparents, so it was just Matt and Jessica and I in the office. When I got an assignment that was kind of a lot of troubleshooting and problem solving, but didn't really have the right equipment to execute it, I went home and got some better stuff and made myself a little workshop. While I was at home, I grabbed my bike and threw it on my rack, dressed in way more 100º+ weather appropriate clothes, and went back to work prepared, just in case I decided last minute to go on the bike ride.

So when 4 pm rolled around, I was doubtful and psyching myself out like I usually do before a long bike ride where I am only one of a few of girls, since I don't want to hold back the whole group or anything. I was really down to the wire, but I texted Anchovy and also Christine to see what was up, and they hadn't left yet so Anchovy told me to call them if I wanted to meet up. I called, he said to go to Newstead and Lindell and wait for them. I did, then a little while later, Peat rolled up and we were waiting for the group together. I drank some water, and called Stephen to ask him if he wanted to meet up with all of us too. He and Scott Owens rode up and met up with us at this convenient store downtown, where we stopped to get some beer and stuff before heading over Eads bridge. 

After we got a bit through East St Louis, we stopped again to wait for more people to catch up and meet with us at this kinda busted looking golf course. It was definitely nice to stop so much in the heat, and there was a tree or two around for shade. After we started riding again, I started feeling a little worn out from this small hill we went up, and then like a mile or so later there was this HUGE hill that I just stopped and walked up instead. I would've felt lamer, except this was only my second time back on a bike since getting hit by a car, and it was so fucking hot that I would rather look lame than fall over like I was about to. 

Robin and I had a moment of being way beyond exhausted and mad in walking up the hill by ourselves (she was about 50 yards ahead of me so she just said fuck it and walked with me) and then when we got to the top Jim came riding down to check up on us. We both kinda let off a little steam and then rode up the smaller hill where everyone was waiting and cooling off in someone's front yard. It's really hard to remember that hills are difficult once you lose momentum, so stopping or slowing down is really out of the question for anyone until you get to the top. As long as my friends are waiting for me at the top and take a little time for me to catch my breath before we take off again, I'm not gonna shed any tears or have more than one complaint if any.

After a bit of catching my breath and other stuff going on, the woman who owns the house drives down the driveway and says her husband is working on the yard and we are free to use the hose. Of course, most of us take her up on this offer, and boy am I glad that I did, it really gave me a second wind. After a while more of riding, I start to regret getting hosed down, because I had sort of rough cotton spandex shorts that fit me way better last summer, so they kind of ride up, and after I got my saddle all wet, it started chaffing really bad on my inner thighs. Today it looks and feels terrible, but I'll live.

We got this really good BBQ and Stephen and I shared ribs and snoot, which I've never had before...it was deep fried and crunchy and not as weird as I thought it was going to be. I also had this really good corn casserole and green beans and a few pieces of fried okra too. Really good stuff. Big Mama's BBQ in Belleville is awesome.

We saw UP but the sound was shitty and I kind of want to go see it in 3d. It felt really anticlimactic and short compared to riding out there, but I think it was rewarding anyways. The metrolink ride home was split up and there was sort of a fake warriors like war going on between the two groups, which compounded with wrestling between Peat, Stephen, and this kid named Will, and the night pretty much petered out, the whole day was pretty exhausting. I still feel exhausted just typing about it. Charlie took some pictures, maybe I'll post some in a few days if he posts them somewhere.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm into it!

I think I am totally going to try to go to this tonight after I get out of class and eat dinner. I LOVE karaoke.

Bye Bye Gemini!

I think gemini and the remaining cusp and whatever is officially over. I meant to post this picture around my bday but it never happened. Apologies for quality, but not really, I took it on my iPhone. When my mom saw this she was like "omg, they have you down...that's even sort of a Heather outfit!"

Hehe. There is a reason some people call me Heather Onesie.

Watch Yo Mouth!

Doodled this yesterday. I think I want to refine it. It is pretty cool actually.

This kinda makes me want to revive my logo project that never happened last summer. It's a little embarrassing because it never happened, but it was a good idea I guess...you can see it here if you want. It is how I started this blog...If you actually read through the ramblings I think somewhere in there I mentioned that I promised to start my own blog so that I wouldn't crowd that one with stories. Hm, funny how that works out, right?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mom's 40th.

No wonder I thought it was cool to have a balloon themed bday party this year.

Speaking of which, [here] are the pictures Ann Hubbard took at my party. This is my favorite one. I still have to scan in the polaroids that Ali took from my bday. We made an excellent totem pole.

great plane!

found this in my grandma's basement. This photo is dedicated to Taylor.

A postcard from Aunt Patti

Written on my birthday, 5 years before I was born. I like how she said she was in heaven because the bicycles got their own set of traffic signals at eye level.

Click it and make it bigger, it's actually pretty cute.

Always Squeeked By.

Holy moly. The only thing that is redeeming about this is that a "guidance notice" usually pissed your parents off enough that they call your teacher and then your teacher makes you have a meeting with them with all this let's strike a deal with extra work you can do so you can get normal grades on your final report card because you're a smart kid, you just don't do your homework.

I already feel like I will regret posting this. Maybe someday I will tell you all the story of how I almost was kept from graduating but then I came through by writing the big senior research paper I hadn't written, walked, went to my grad night where I was like the only one who didn't sneak in alcohol that wasn't explicitly a total fucking goody two shoes (but I snuck in cigarettes successfully) and then was held captive and forced to have fun there until 4 am and then not 4 hours later my dad and I boarded a plane to Providence so I could go to precollege at RISD and be one of only a handful of 18 year olds there (because it was a program for 16 to 18 year olds and clearly I don't think you had to submit your grades to go) and this is nearly half of the story about how I moved to St Louis. I don't feel like telling the rest today. Today I have dishes to do.

Wouldn't you kill your child if their highest grade was a C and they were in the 11th grade? Man. I leave you with a picture from my senior year before a really geeky an poorly planned "anti winter formal"...I wish I still had that jacket.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Didn't quite work

You know you are getting drunk when you start comparing the color spectrum of your friends' drinks.

I believe you

A vodka movie

So sometime a few weeks ago, I read this interview [here] that Mike Sacks did with Tim and Eric of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! among other things, and they talked about how they had so much creative freedom that they can just do the weirdest things, and how Absolut paid comedian Zack Galifianakis to make something for their website, and they all agreed as long as they could do whatever the fuck they wanted. What they came up with was a three part "Vodka Movie" where, as in the Mike Sacks interview, they described as basically three people just yelling at one another. I watched them, and didn't think too much more about posting it, but after catching myself making several references to it, I've decided that they are all really good.

My favorite part is in part 3 where the girls they bring home are named Tetris and Jenga. Yes.




I found my Jenny Holzer condom today. It's expired but isn't that how you're supposed to keep art? Unused and expired? I totally forget where I got it now, but I know I got it some time in 2004.

Happy Hippies.

I think Hippy Dads everywhere must be getting a double whammy today...it's both Father's Day and the Summer Solstice!

I'm totally painting faces later at a solstice party...wanna come?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

These pictures are making me smile right now. Stephen and Jason Peters sharing a bike and taking pictures of each other in the sunlight with Jason's gf Andrea while they were all in Salina, KS at this art fair made me wish I were hanging out with them there too. Matt said they looked super hoosiery while riding the same bike, but I think they look super cute. How did I end up with so many friends with weird facial hair?

STL summer heat

So. Hot. B&P's A/C isn't working properly and I am getting so sweaty. It was fine for a bit but it is totes too close to 100 degrees out to be cool. I wish that it was working properly for the sake of how much more looking around people could be doing here if the A/C was working better.

Good thing Josh had a fan in his apartment.

Binge and Purge

I am working here today, I got called in last minute by my good friend Ashley/Trashley Vulture. I've never worked here before, and I've only been in a few times, but they have super cool shit here. Click the image to read what we do/sell here. I think it's a pretty clever name for a buy-sell-trade store, don't you? If you've never been down, any and all are encouraged to visit. We are located at 2839 Cherokee street across from Firecracker Press and two doors down from apop records.

Later I am working for White Flag because Fastx3 opens tonight. If you have no other plans, I better see some familiar faces up there.

Here is binge and purge on myspace.
Here they are on twitter.
AND Ashley started a blog of cute pictures [here] too.
Here's a post someone did on the store.
I am supposed to post stuff 0n both sites...I have no idea what to post on twitter...you'd think I'd be good at this blogging stuff by n0w, right? I brought a book to read (which I'll post about later bc it's the best impulse buy I ever did on a book, I'm really looking fwd to it) because I thought I'd just be sitting behind the counter with nothing to do but instead was greeted by a laptop and an internet connection. So much for being resistant to twitter...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Daze

Chilton's been lounging in the window in the cutest ways lately.

Art happenings.

Tonight: Boots Contemporary is having an opening, it's one night only and there will be beer, so just fuggin go. 6:30-10 or 11 or something.

Tomorrow: Fastx3. It's what the flyer is for. Two friends of mine got into this show, and I'll be bartending. GO. As I told my family: I notice when you don't come to things.

and because I got an email from a girl I went to college with and it sounds fun enough to post:

THURSDAY (June 25) 6:30-8:30 pm
@ The Contemporary Art Museum
Be a part of a stop-motion video-in-the-making by artist Tony Gaddis and a sweet dance party DJed by Thomas Crone of KDHX’s Silver Tray (aka best radio show is saint louis in my opinion)
*Complimentary beer, wine, and snacks will be served!
3750 Washington Blvd. 63108

SATURDAY (June 27th) 6:30-9:30 pm
@ the intersection of Market and 9th, 63102
The grand opening of CITYGARDEN!
A big 'ol area of downtown Saint Louis (That big piece of land that used to be the Gateway Mall) will now be home to a public collection of contemporary art
*There will be food, drink, live music and performing arts
*AND don't you dare miss the video installation! Curated by yours truly :)
It features 11 extremely clever and exciting international video artists.

Dave Stone broke his leg!

Good friend and lovely asset to several St Louis music scenes, Dave Stone, was hospitalized for breaking his leg in two places from a fall in his South City apartment. From what I understand, he was dehydrated and super exhausted from a super long bike ride that day in the extreme heat, and in combination with that, he sometimes gets dizzy spells when he stands up too fast, so he fell somehow and hurt himself.

Anyone that rides a bike knows that this is a terrible thing to happen to someone who rides so much, because it takes six weeks for bones to heal properly. Since race season is barely started, it's a double whammy for Dave.

Bridget just told me that he was just released from surgery and they have him in the recovery room for about an hour and then they'll put him back in his room for the majority of the evening. Needless to say, I don't think the Dave Stone Trio will be playing at Mangia tonight.

If you feel compelled to show some love, call up to room 7488 of BJC, but if you plan on bringing him flowers or anything, he might get released sooner than you think, and in that case, leave a comment and I'll send your well wishes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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