Friday, July 31, 2009

animate stuff

I finally got around to figuring out how the hell to make animated Gifs in CS3 since they merged ImageReady with regular PS. It's one of those things that I used to know how to do but I never get it quite right so I'm trying again because I never get around to it. I learned from this kind of confusingly worded tutorial here. That could mean nothing to you, but get ready for some wild times!!!!! Except that I can't figure out what is going on with the stupid file and I hate that with everything you learn you have to learn how to troubleshoot it as well. UGH.

I'm trying to make an animation of a beer tower falling down and this girl looking pissed, and then of chilton looking evil. They will be so funny when I finally figure it out, I promise!


I wish I was as organized in Real Life as I am in Virtual Reality. I bet this is how people feel when they have a Second Life or WOW or insert your own intense time and money sucking game character that is really successful but in real life they don't do as much.

Animals Go Green Too


AND SO WELL CAST! It kind of makes me want to throw a birthday party except there aren't any parents to buy all my friends tickets and I'm not in grade school.

It reminds me of being a child in the 90s and every movie with animals having some sort of weird "save the rainforest, guys in suits with tractors are evil!" undertone to them. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, here are two examples:

This movie made me think that I would die if I didn't kiss my mother goodbye every day before school because that little mole with glasses didn't kiss his mom goodbye before they went on their crazy adventure where they almost died at every turn.

And then there's Ferngully. Oh, Ferngully. Seriously, if you have ten minutes, this might be worth watching the whole thing...or maybe not because it's not that great, but at least skip to about 3:30 so you can see a whole bunch of fairies dancing around to a giant walkman with a construction worker that's shrunk down to their size to learn about caring about the rainforest.

My favorite part of the movie that I still think about at moments that feel real cheesed out is when construction worker bodacious babe dude is carving a heart or something in a tree for the hot fairy girl and then she stops him and puts his hand on hers and over the tree, and she does this weird magic glowy thing that she does, and she goes "Can't you feel its pain?!?!?!" talking about the tree, and it's pretty much awesome, because cartoon love is always awesome, and teaching kids to care about the environment by tugging at our fragile heart strings is even better. If I've totally lost you but you are still there, go to 8:20 in this video.

As a bonus that no one really cares about, here is Tim Curry singing "Toxic Love" in Ferngully, pretty much the exemplary point of the antagonistic point of view in the movie:

And now that I feel totally retarded, I'm going to go pick up my friend for lunch.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, this weekend I ended up going to this really crazy party in a really crazy mansion with a hot tub that also had a cold tub attached and it could fit like 20 people and a lot of my friends were there and everyone was naked in the hot tub and some people were making out and seriously this was a party that felt like you were in a movie.

It was insane. I almost want to forget as much as I already have. It was definitely the party of the summer.

Here's what I remember:

•Piling into the party van to get there, and picking up friends along the way.

•Spitting beer in my friend Tiffany's face--which I might add is fucking retarded of me to do because not only is she taller and bigger than me, she also likes to fight.

•The hot tub, seriously, everyone in there looked like the fuggin sea lion pool at the zoo...slippin and sliding and generally acting like animals.

•Breaking up an almost fight between my friend Justin and this reeeeaaalllly big guy with a shaved head, telling them that if they got into a fight it might prompt the cops to come, and that would ruin the party for everyone, and weren't they having fun otherwise, and couldn't we just take it down a notch? Then they magically got out of one another's faces and the big dude kicked Justin's bike. I still can't believe that I had the guts to do this, or that it worked.

•My ankle was bleeding at some point...later Ashley explained to me, "you fell over"...I'm still not entirely satisfied with this response.

•Making front of everyone...blerg.

•A DJ with a full setup playing really bad techno, and my friends and I still attempting to dance to it.

•A helluva lotta mystery bruises.

Anyone who was there, please feel free to fill in some details in the comments. Also, if anyone watches True Blood, didn't it feel like maybe the person that threw the party was really that Mary Ann character that like reaches her hands up into the sky and gets all blurry and then everyone at the party gets huge pupils and starts getting all Dionysian on one another's asses?

Example: Skip to 5:08 if you are bored or don't have much time.

I wish this showed the party after this dumb fight because some lady starts ferociously eating dirt and people are humping and it's awesome.

On the subject of shows...

So last night was the inaugural show at Antarctica, a new venue my friend is opening, and it was pretty cool. My good friend Josh Levi wrote this nice little note that he was so gracious to include my hand in running things over at what was formerly known as Spooky Action Palace, and I thought I'd post that excerpt because it got me a little misty eyed with memories for a second. It's why last week when I went record shopping with Stephen I was all like "these are friends" "I know these people" "I saw these people in my ex bf's basement but I don't remember doing anything but getting drunk and giving them pillows and blankets" et al. On that note, I'll leave it to what Josh had to say:

St. Louis Friends & Fam, July is damn near dead.

August is HUGE. Things are changing. People are living.

With the end of July we see the end of an era: The doors of Spooky Action Palace have now been closed forever. From the summers of 2005 to 2009, SAP was THE place to be. Your favorite bands played there. Your new favorite bands played there! The birth of legendary acts & events, real and fiction. It was within these crumbling [dogtown] basement walls that bands such as Raccoo-oo-oon, Growing, Bloodyminded, Graveyards, Ghost Ice, Magik Markers, Hive Mind, Cadaver In Drag, Skarekrau Radio, Lambsbread, and countless others played to crowds eager to have their minds warped, in a city so tame. Who can forget HALLUCINATIONS ARE REAL (A 3-day concert featuring premiere acts from Finland & seminal artists in the new experimental world: Herta Lussa Assa, Lau Nau, Kuupuu, Islaja, The Skaters, and Burning Star Core)!? The one and only Navy Black performance! Remember when Awesome Color stopped by and put your body into shock? Religious Knives in the dead of summer? These are times I cherish and remember with a fondness that can be unmatched. I thank the inzane genius behind it all, Michael Ferrer. I thank the neverending hands that made these unimaginable times realised: H. Lindsy Donahue, Jeremy Kannapell, Joseph Raglani, Rick Wilson, Chris Smentkowski, Susannah Halliday, and the list goes on... I love you, Spooky Action Palace. Rest In Peace.

Oh yeah Josh, you forgot the last minute Dan Deacon show that got canceled at the Lemp NAC so you brought him over because he still wanted to perform and only like 3 people were there but we had a blast anyways...and what about the first time Paper Rad came through town and played a show that also almost no one came to but really would've regretted not coming if they only knew how magical it felt to be blown away by their skits and movies and music?

There are so many more stories to tell about this time, it really does make my throat kinda well the time that my friend Eleanor (who now lives in STL) came to play her delightful project called Soft Serve (or sometimes Sno Cone), where she basically dressed up in too many skimpy clothes and has a keyboard and microphone and some super heavy chipmunk voice echo effects on the mic and rolls around on the ground and gets real slutty and's a picture to help illustrate...this was taken by Grace last 4th of July... I was her "model" while she played and also did a fingerpainting demonstration at apop records:

Well one time, she came to play at SAP and all of our laundry (I have a lot of clothes) was splayed out on the area where the bands usually play and I was like "oh, lemme move this stuff" and she insisted on playing in the laundry. So during her performance she was rolling around in all my laundry and throwing stuff around and then a pair of my underwear went flying through the air and it got caught on the overhead light, so it was just like, hanging there on the ceiling until the set was over, and everyone knew that it was my underwear, and then Jeremy pretended to auction it off when he unhooked it from the light...I guess in hindsight it still is only embarrassing for me, and not that much, but I thought it was worth telling anyways.

Anyways, I've got plenty more stories and pictures and some of them are way better so I guess that's why I've got a tag for spooky action palace. Adieu.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Piggybank style

Pissing Chihuahua


I wonder what is so magic about "magic baby"

Ultimate Catcall

Lipstick on your...

Nose and forehead? Its totally his fault for getting up and
headbutting me every time I use the bathroom mirror.

Can you imagine?

How can you be that tiny of a man and justify having such a gigantic
dog. I'm only pissed because one time when I was riding my bike he
scared the hell out of me by getting too excited and sort of jumping
at me, but really, wouldn't you be too?

Balloon Backpacks

I forgot to post this picture from when I went to pridefest in tower
grove park this year.

Dracula Nailz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Party on the Corner!

Sometime last summer I went to my neighborhood 7eleven and across the street I saw this: a lady posing with a whole cornerful of shirtless guys. Wouldn't you run across the street to take a picture too?

What was most disorienting about this situation was that one of them saw me and yelled the name of the guy that I could be seen with at the time, and to this day I regret that the picture quality isn't better because I can't tell if I actually know any of these dudes, but clearly one of them at least knows who I am... now that I think of it I think the bearded dude in the back on the right is someone I know from FBC...must've been before he knew my name.

My other favorite thing about this photo? That guy to the left of the lady has a chest tattoo that says "POEMS". Deal with it.

Moccasin Venus

Ali and I are watching law and order and they were interviewing
someone that said they heard of someone going to some fetish or
swinger club or something with two names and then I misheard when they
said "Marcus and Venus" and for a second I was convinced I wanted to
go to a sex club called Moccasin Venus. Does that classify me as
sexually bizarre? Kidding.


We Have Lasers!!

I am so jealous of anyone who ever got to get COOL professional portraits taken, especially since I am in the right age bracket to have had the option for this, except that no school I ever went to ever had this option. I think mine had like the nebulous blue/pink spongepainted background, or the one where you look like you are in a fake forest that isn't that cool. I never chose the forest, but you bet I would have chosen anything that looked remotely like lasers.

Fuck all y'all that were lucky enough to get in on the action. There is a blog that I can't stop looking at even though it only makes me insanely jealous to look at. Even so, here are some ones I liked and the link at the bottom of the pics:


Monday, July 20, 2009

I WIN!!!

shorts motherfuckers, I'm on top of the world today.

Talent is an Asset.

Jim was kind enough to think of me and put this rare live recording of
Sparks on hold for me. It's a really intimate sounding show and very
well recorded. Totally worth $15.

Omg best vanity plate ever. EVER.



I just saw a kid and his dad sit down at a table and they had a bottle
of tabasco and some seasoning trail mix that looked bee pollen or
royal jelly or some sort of hippie food related and I didn't really
think anything of it until I saw the kid pull out a can of whipped
topping, use it, and then neatly put it back in his backpack.

My best guess is that they are being hyper accommodating to weird
allergies, but holy shit.


Cool Comic

Ran into Jeremy at meshuggah's and he had these cool comics that our
friend Carlos and this other girl who is in some bands (including this
one called Coughs) that we know drew. I liked this picture enough to
take pictures.

This feels too much like a twitter update...

Emceeing stag prom until 3 am and then having to drive Ali to work
really is taking it out of me. I put my rac-oo-oo-oon shirt on inside
out and now I totally regret not going to that Wet Hair show last week
because I those people in both bands make the coolest tshirts ever.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cool site

I came across this guy's website is called Words Are Pictures and I like it, so I thought I'd share it.

I was particularly impressed by the offering to "see how this was made" concerning the image on the landing page.

memries and bottle blondes

I was looking through old pictures from White Flag openings and came across this one I really like from the Tiny Vices show. Jaimie Warren and Tim Barber both had super bleach blonde hair at the time and I like this massive party dogpile, and Jaimie's boyfriend Patrick's expression is super good too. The guy in the yellow sweatshirt was their friend that lives here but I've never run into him since and definitely do not remember his name.

I also really like this one with Ksteg in it. I think she likes it too because I've seen her post it on some of her social networking profiles before. God Tim Barber is cute.
Also, this guy came with his own beer straight from the bus stop and just kinda danced through the opening talking to people and looking at the pictures and everything. Best random stop in to date fer shure.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sonic Youth on the Levee

Don't they look good? I took more pictures on my real camera. I'll
show you later.


Christine loves the arch and athletics and America and everything.
Especially teenage skater boys and the all star games.

Pictures of GMA

My Grandma, Mary Jane Reilly, is awesome, for those of you that don't know. I found all these awesome pictures in her basement and she also made it a point to get glamourshots and professional portraits and all sorts of fun things done. Because of this, I have a ton of pictures in mind to send to all sorts of different blogs.

This one is going to Sexy People:
And this one is going to Sorry I Missed Your Party, which is written by my current favorite blogger on the whole internet. She posted it [here]
She also contributes to Photo Clichés, which this gem is going to:
At first I was wondering why I wasn't in this picture, and then I saw that it was taken in Aug 85, before I was born. :(

More to come. This one, my friends, is Just For You:
Yes. Grandma, Me, and Charo. We went to go see her every year at John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada, up until about when my family moved to the OC when I was 14 or 15. She called me "bambino" and my grandma "Auntie Mame" because she always had a group of scrappy young kids with her, aka my brother, me, and whatever friends got to come along that time. There is another picture that I need to find where there are a bunch of us in her dressing room and I am next to my elementary school crush of a few years, Dominic, and I am super duper bright red. I will find it and scan it for you after the weekend, I promise.

Ps- If anyone in the STL area ever wants to meet Grandma Reilly, she may party early, but she certainly loves to party.


So, today at 4 pm I am going to wait in line for tickets to see Chuck Berry in August, and afterwards I am meeting Ali & co for drinks at Blueberry Hill to gather up a group to get good and psyched and buzzed and then we are all walking down to the metrolink station and taking it downtown so we get down to the Levee nice and early to see Sonic Youth and Awesome Color play under the arch this evening.

We are not taking our bikes because we heard last week from friends who rode their bikes up to see Elvis Costello (who only sang two songs because it was actually a Sheryl Crow show featuring Elvis Costello) didn't end up going past the security/crowd control checkpoint because they had beer and they didn't feel comfortable locking up their bikes outside the perimeter where everyone else had...or something like that. Either way, it sounded like a pain in the ass to bring bikes to, so we are going by way of metrolink and foot.

Anyone who cares to join us for a drink at BH and/or wants buddies to ride the metrolink with is welcome to stop by as well. I trust that if you are reading this, you at least know who I am, so I'm gonna be cool and say "the more the merrier"...SEE YA...GET STOKED!

Ps- The first time I went to see Awesome Color I missed them but I saw Quintron, so that was cool...the second time was in Michael's basement (Spooky Action Palace) and I can't remember if we were together or not at that point in time, but I also can't remember if I talked to any of them or anything...they were probably well taken care of by friends, hopefully anyone I know actually kept in touch with them so that someone can show them a good time in St Louis. For those who don't know, Awesome Color is on Thurston Moore's awesome label, Esctatic Peace, and I don't think this is the first time they've gotten to tour with them, so at least act like you enjoy it, because it will make you look like you are in the know, hehe.

You Give Me Fever...

I had a whole bunch of weird dreams last night but the only thing I'm going to share is this song was in it:

Oh, and I went to the ocean.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How gnarly would it be

If I had a cool looking low cc honda such as this one, with the Eley Kishimoto [site] inspired gastank and seat combo on it? Or even just the tank? Fucking RAD.

See where I found this on the link from the last post on glow in the dark rims. I bet it would look even better if I still had my favorite pair of green pants from high school. I wonder what I ever did with those, or if they'd even fit now. My guess is probably not.


Ok, so as a rule, I generally think that deep V's attract too much attention, but HOLY SHIT, glow in the dark anything and I'm sold. Except maybe condoms, that would really gross me out.

I found these on the same website that I saw the love hate nittos on...[here] plus I'm totally going to post one more thing from that site too.


Taylor showed me these yesterday and I think I am totally going to find a way to buy these Nitto Love Hate bars. As much as I love bartape, I'd give it up or at least rethink the application for these babies. I totally have no money to build up this frame that's been sitting in my closet for a year now but I have a wheelset in mind too and now I really really need money so I can build it.

Except I already changed my mind because I'm not crazy about the font and when I pasted in the img url it turns out they are "blue" and not white, like I thought. They don't really fit into my plan for my unbuilt single speed anymore. How fickle am I, right?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wish I'd thought of that

Something like this would have been helpful in March to answer the "what happened" question that made strangers think it was ok to make smalltalk with me just so they could ask that question...
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