Monday, August 31, 2009


My apologies to my readers/friends that are used to me posting a bazillion times a day.

I went back to school (I don't care what anyone says, that phrase only makes me think of the Rodney Dangerfield of the first I ever saw boobs in, + hello haven't you all wanted to pull off the Triple Lindy [sp?] dive trick he does to save the day?) to finish (hopefully) my BFA degree in graphic design (had to squash my pseudo dreams of getting a 2nd degree in programming/comp sci...just gotta finish one and git er done) and I am trying to adjust my Internet time with social activities and also try not to distract myself from prioritizing homework and punctuality. I'll be better next week, I promise. My apartment is a fucking mess.

Talk tomorrow=duh


Keep meaning to post this

You can buy this.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not Vanity Plates.

I talked to my friend Stephen tonight and he mentioned something totally incredulous.

"I worked for this woman today that went to get new lisense plates the plates she was issued were PE3_NIS"

Again, these are NOT vanity plates. Holy Crap, that woman is going to get pulled over so much.

feathers and triangles

I feel another bout of ffffound addiction coming on.


My friend in class Kasper (pictured, but blurred) told me about this site she is on that is essentially the ffffound of outfits, only with more rules. She said that if you post a look with anyone else in the picture you get flagged and "you get in really big trouble" which was a totally cute descriptor.

She said that (like ffffound) it is an invite only site, but what I found interesting was that she said she got on it by essentially just emailing the site's controller! Brilliant! It's like walking up to someone and introducing yourself! Why did I never think of doing that? It makes me think that anything is possible!

I bet Cory Kennedy feels trumped by this site's existence.


ps- Taylor you better email the ffffound people to ask if you can join.

Symbols to cultivate change

Came across this and thought it was too adorable not to share. Above is of course my favorite.


Scandal Update

So I mentioned this crazy scandal surrounding the VH1 reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire" in a previous post, and Ali informed me that the story got way way way more dramatic... apparently they escalated his "person of interest" title to definitely guilty, and he drove up to Washington and boated to a peninsula, and then crossed the Canadian border on foot!

But wait, there's more! He committed suicide, and now the show is totally canceled. Here is an interesting article speculating on internet rumors. HOLY SHIT!

Cool piece

John Baldessari, The Intersection Series: Person with Accordion/Seascape, 2001. I saw it when flipping through an old issue of ARTFORUM and was impressed that he is still making cool work.

God I love Scott Walker

In the preview for Scott Walker: 30th Century Man, someone really famous says "his voice makes me cry" after David Bowie comments on Scott Walker's reclusive nature, and this morning I was totally agreeing with this statement because I actually almost cried when listening to more than a few songs.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over the hump

Finally, tonight I had upper level classes with people that I actually know. Phew.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm From South St. Louis!


I cannot for the life of me figure out what the building is in the lower left hand corner of this shirt. The other three buildings are the Bevo Mill, The Compton Hill Water Tower, and the Old Police Station in Lafayette Square Park, but it's driving me nuts that I can't figure out the fourth one. Also, I really really want that t-shirt and the vest that my Grandma has on in the picture.

While we're on the subject...

I'm so surprised I've never seen this before.

Way Better Than Frogs

Get it?

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

I subscribe to the NPR's most emailed stories, and the most recent one about the development of new techniques to spot liars caught my attention. In high school I was friends with 2 separate girls that were off the charts pathological liars. 

One of them really gave me the runaround due to a cocaine/alcohol addiction, and the fact that her life's ambition was to pretty much be a groupie, but that's a whole series of stories that I rarely even feel the urge to tell. The other one was so good at remembering her lies and covering her tracks that I didn't figure out that she was lying about anything and everything until her brother said something curious that made me question everything. It was when I was at a Halloween party for awesomely fun dorks in about the 11th grade. 

Shortly thereafter, I defriended the girl but aimed to build a stronger friendship with her younger sister. I did this because I knew how much she looked up to her and I knew that her disappointment-- upon finding out that her hero big sister has been feeding her lies her whole life-- would be exponentially larger than my own disappointment, and she needed a more steady big sister-ish relationship in her life to soften the blow. A few years later after one of our very close friend's funerals, she told me she recognized what I did and she thanked me for being her big sister-ish. I haven't talked to her in a while but she's still my chicken little.

Salty Dogs

this dog's sunglasses are lame:

Who thought that bulldogs wiping out could be so torturously adorable? I've got to send my brother to shoot pictures of one of these dog surfing clinics! Of course, there is a blog about it.

Phantom Freakout

So (very late) last night I logged into my school's website to check my schedule to see which class I had this morning, and FREAKED OUT because I read the wrong thing which for some reason said "Aug 17th, 2009-Dec 18th, 2009" on all my classes...which of course made me think that I had written down the WRONG date in my calender for what day I was supposed to start school, which I thought was today, August 24. I immediately started composing panicked emails to all my professors and saving them as drafts so I wasn't sending them in the middle of the night, but then I checked my ACTUAL schedule, and I was in fact correct that my classes did not start until today. 

So I went to my 10 am class and it only lasted like half an hour (it is scheduled to be 2 hours long) to go over the syllabus and make department announcements and stuff like that. Holy shit I scared myself last night though.

One thing I did learn though was that I have an adjunct professor that I've had before that is a partner in a creative firm here that I didn't end up turning in a big project in for...I honestly don't know if I remember how to be familiar with all the software that would even allow me to finish said project. I felt a little more than fucked last night, but this issue seems like small potatoes, maybe an uncomfortable conversation and maybe he will actually make me finish the project.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

15 mins/Exciting news

Over the weekend a picture I took got really really famous on the internet, which I already mentioned in a recent post. I sent it over to Sorry I Missed Your Party and she captioned it ever so brilliantly, (and also linked my page which was sweet of her) and then what seems to be not more than an hour later someone at really liked it and featured it on their homepage. Then I guess someone reblogged it and unfortch didn't credit her site or mine, but Digg picked it up and as of now there are over 2,000 "diggs" on it! Check it out!

Blending In

Remember that scene in ET where they hide ET in all their toys and there's this enormous tension but the mom doesn't notice because she's too busy picking up stuff in their room?

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always imagined how freaked out the mom would be if she actually looked closer and saw ET. Much like this imaginary scenario, I went to my room to get something, turned around to look in my closet, and jumped back a little when I saw gleamy upside down eyes!

I should also mention my lifelong fear and creeped outedness of ET. Of course it was just Chilton lounging upside down in the mess of clothes, but holy shit did he scare me for a split second.

Then I thought it was cute and ran to get my phone.

Patent Pending MY ASS!

Action! Action! Quack! Quack! Thank you Jeff!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I told a friend who lives in NY that was (potentially) planning a visit that I was going to the Illinois State Fair to see Heart and The Bangles play, and how I was equally excited about both-- not only was "Eternal Flame"* my older sister's wedding song at age 18, but at some point while I was listening to a Heart CD on vacation at age 14, my dad tried to play a cool card from his Radio Exec days and implied that he may or may not have hooked up with one of the members of Heart. I'm guessing that if this is true, it was most definitely Ann Wilson...I know my dad likes the BBWs. Upon telling Ksteg this, she changed the words to "All I want to do is make love to you" (which I never got the premise of until it was so clearly spelled out for me in the video) to "All I want to do is Paul Donahue" which still makes me half-blush, half-cringe if I think about it too hard.

Anyways, back to the telling my friend about going to the IL state fair. He got extremely excited and told me that his favorite essay ever is about the same subject. The next day a copy of David Foster Wallace's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again was delivered to my door. I'd tell you more, but I gotta go to this fair.

Although I imagined DFW to be a bit of a wet towel, I did not imagine him to be so soft spoken. I almost feel bad for posting this video, actually:

Not the excerpt I would've chosen. "Regulation length" was not the only phallic reference I caught from that speech.

*does anyone agree that it is definitely creepy and NOT sweet that one of the lyrics is "I watch you when you are sleeping"...NOT indicative of how strong your love is.

Happy Land.

Seriously, last summer I went to a place located an indeterminate amount south of St Louis called Happy Land. My friend Stephen was renting a room out to a friend from high school named Adrienne, and one night I slept on the couch and when I woke up, Stephen had a really important float trip [sample] to go on for a birthday party of these two older dudes he is close with, so I got invited along. We didn't make it on time for the floating, but we certainly made it out on time for the partying. It ended up being this really rad invite only place with seriously the best BBQ I have ever eaten, and neighbors with minimal teeth. At first I think they didn't like me because I owned so many electronic devices, but then I talked to Ray about his tomato garden and I was cool in their book.

Anyways, it was so much fun, every time I would go to post the pictures up, I couldn't even contain myself and I never got around to it. So in honor of my photo from this day getting picked up from SIMYP to buzzfeed, here are the rest of the gems from that day:

These genius pancakes that Stephen made before we went:

the welcome we got:

I learned how to skip rocks:

This guy made a joke about me posting this all over the internet, and also one about smoking Decade brand for every decade he smoked or something...I don't remember but it was funny:

I don't think I'll ever eat sweeter corn, but this ear freaked me out:

we'll catch yr deals!

there was a child DJing at the sno-cone place:

the guy got mad at me for taking a picture inside the sno-cone place.

Stephen after waking up: "This tastes like shit, but I keep eating it."

I just hope Stephen's friends have the exact same kind of birthday they did last time, and I can only hope he'd invite me along.


The maker of this hat said that if it were made with a finer tip pen,
it would say "meowalkee's best" on the can. Adorbs!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Also uneventful news

I got invited to a bachelorette party! It's someone I actually like to party with too! Now I'll finally have a use for this crown that Ali and I compulsively bought with tiny blue and pink shiny penises on all the pointy parts of it! I searched and searched penis tiaras/crowns and the only party I found with the same crown as mine looks totally boring. Pictures and pictures of opening sexy gag gifts that the bachelorette looks underwhelmed with. The only thing that was redeeming about this photograph is that it was captioned "Gina just found out what anal beads were." I wonder if she knew that oral sex before marriage exists either cuz she is totes giving blowjob face right now.

When you think about it, bachelorette parties are actually kind of deceptive with their decorating...there's penis paraphernilia everywhere- surrounded by false phalluses, if you will- yet you are celebrating that you'll enjoy one and only one penis for the duration of your marriage?

Aw heck, who am I kidding, I'm totally going to be disappointed if I don't get to drink from a penis shaped straw! I've never been to one before, I feel like such an adult!

Not that anyone cares or anything

But I just sent a friend request to the boy I had a crush on in elementary school from literally the fourth grade on until, man, years. Judging from his picture, he appears to have gotten married. Any storytelling over any medium concerning this subject where he or someone else (He has a wife, I don't know how good at the internet or how jealous she is!) could do a search for his name and read it and it would still be totally embarrassing. After all, my facebook profile does have a link here. Maybe I'll feel more up to it another time though.

Woah 4 minute voicemail...

I want to actually transcribe this because I have no idea who it is from, but they sound braindeadingly stoned/fucked up and also sounds gay and has the same area code as me so they are from Orange County, but woah, they totally didn't say who they were! In the WHOLE FOUR MINUTES! It made me feel kind of bad but kind of not for missing the call. This is worth's too bizarre.

Hi um, H. Lindsy, uhm you still have the same number, Wow, um, so do I, but... I have no fucking clue why I am calling, um, I don't really have any friends and I'm bored and driving... and I'm driving across this god darmn bridge and fucking burning myself with a cigarette and uhh, I dunno, um, I guess we lost touch, I mean I guess we weren't really ever in touch, I mean we like hung out one time like 10 years ago or something but...

I remember you had some really cool pants or something, that's all I remember. Um, uhhhm, yeeahhh [chuckles] anywayyyyss...just kinda curious what happened to you and your life, uh, I think like, you were in like Rhode Island (?) or something when I last talked to you, I'm not quite sure. Um, I don't know, if you want to call me, you can.

I'm like gonna drive back home, probably to my dad's house, tonight, so I'm gonna be driving for like 6 hours, and it'd be nice to talk to somebody that I remember liking...and I'm not sure what exactly happened, and one day we like, stopped talking err, I don't know... I don't like when that happens, like, I have a hard time meeting people, and like everybody that I meet, I mean I still have the same friends since like 6th grade, and it kinda sucks cuz I don't really like any of my friends. That's probably why I moved 400 miles away from everybody I know, um... But yeah, um, I'm like rambling and [pause] it's okay. [Sigh]

It's been like really depressing living in this city, in the bay, um, I thought it'd be good, but...I just had to get away from... everybody, and now I am, and... I ended up like turning into a massive drug addict somehow, [sarcastically] I dunno how that happened. Yeah, I'm in like total denial about it too, so, it kinda sucks, and, nobody really knows about it, um, except anybody that sees me or like, sees my arm [cut off, end of message]

HOLY MOLY. Crazy, right? So from what I gather, I actually only hung out with this person once or maybe more, when I was 18-- noted that this was not ten years was 6 at the most. I have a vague idea about who we might've met through (other gay dudes) but wow, beyond that, he could be anyone that I gave my number to. Wow. Strange. Gay dudes used to love me, it doesn't really happen so much anymore. This is better than when I was getting prank calls! More depressing, but a little more removed feeling. I can only hope that his dad will have the sense and the means to get him some help with his drug problem. Please please everyone tell me what you think, and also if you have any similar stories feel free to share, for real. Oh and if you see me out and would like to hear the message for yourself, feel free.

UPDATE: Figured out who it was because he texted me. Not the scenario I expected. Also not gay, just Californian. I think I've been in the midwest too long, my gaydar is so wonky. His name is Arrash. He had really big hair and snakebite lip piercings and really skinny pants, maybe was a vegan, but for some reason I hung out with a lot of vegans in CA. I made him a patch with my sewing machine that said "Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd Was Better." I think he freaked me out and I blocked him on myspace maybe? I did only hang out with him once or twice, but something I didn't remember-- apparently he knew specific details of my breasts?...ummmmm maybe that's why I stopped talking to him because I'm pretty embarrassed to know that I let him see my breasts?

Man, I am so thankful in so many ways that I went to Providence for a summer program after I graduated high school. I used to get asked "If you're from CA why on Earth did you come here?!" all the time, and this kind of person would fall into that category that answers that question. Orange County is beautiful, but lord is it full of strange people. I thought that only Taxicab Confessions could make me feel like this.


Has anyone else ever had a cold and gone to buy something like sudafed or mucinex and had to read and sign this statement, and kind of questioned the wording in it? Words like "trick" and "scheme" make me wonder if W penned it himself. Am I alone in this?

Worst Tactic EVER

Omg WTF?! Do you think she knows that having words written on your Ass is actually the worst way to defend yourself from people staring at it? I only wish it were ironic, but after our 30 second elevator ride, I'm gonna guess not.

Ps how glad are you that I snapped this picture?!

Moving Violations

The two things that I see on the road from time to time that absolutely appall me to the point where my skin is crawling are as follows:

1) seeing children in back seats with NO seatbelt.

2) a semi truck full of livestock, because you know where they are


Now that I'm here, Now that you're near...

ONJ totally has kankles in this whole movie, the rollerskates/legwarmers combo really does not help this problem. The movie as a whole is kind of boring, but I really really love the soundtrack a lot. I honestly have to resist the urge to putting "Don't Walk Away" or "The Fall" on any mixtape like thing I make for anybody.


I feel like it's gonna be a good day. Is that a weird reaction to
seeing this truck?
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