Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some banned ads for durex

A blonde, brunette and a redhead.

I need Halloween Ideas.

Check out this guy who does these weird self portraits with face paint...they are pretty cool. I think you have to be bald to pull most of them off.


I can't believe I am at a loss of what to come up with.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stephen Shein Jewelry

He makes super cool everything, I totally want a few of the necklaces and a ring, especially the one that says RAD that is on their homepage!

I Heart Temptats

Apparently all the models at the Spring/Summer 2010 Chanel show were sporting temptat jewelry! SO cool!


I think it's so cool when model pretty girls do something adventurous with their hair.
via [HERE]

Interesting Bedsheets

Ha, It's like a story with a happy ending...[FOUND HERE]

Watch out kitten!!!

Isnt this the cutest sign at a party you may have ever seen??

New Keyboard Cover!

Anya bought it for me!

I benefit enndlessly from your laundry pile!

That's what chilton said to me before I snapped this photo. I swear that EVERY TIME I can't find him, he is doing something super cute and loungey!

If you've never seen Clownvis

He does performances (interactive+fun) monthly and his next is the day before thanksgiving! Last year I came to it from my family's annual Wild Turkey (yes the liquor) party and walked in to a guy who didn't know the words to ABBA's Dancing Queen, so they asked who knew the words and apparently I was the only one in the crowd that did because I ended up singing It on stage in his place! It was really fun, who wants to go this year???

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I should just have a tag for balloons

Peek a boo! Creepy, right? I also am reading about how to stuff a balloon and how to push a skewer through a balloon without popping it. I think those two things will come in handy this year, I've got a good feeling about it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

My friend Anchovy showed me this beautiful pumpkin he carved last night, where he incorporated 2 tiny pumpkins for eyes, which I've never seen anyone do before! All pumpkins are white but they still glow orangey. Isn't it great?

PRETHUNDERDOME opening at White Flag Projects

Click the image to see it big and please come to the opening. I compiled all the Vangelis interpretation videos which will be showing in the Library (upstairs loft of the gallery) and provide the sound for the exhibition, so I like to think that that means I had a small part in the exhibition design. :) I'll probably either be taking pictures, making sure no one bumps into art, or serving [complimentary] beer and wine, so come and check it out, especially if you've never been down to the gallery!

After that, the show will be on view until December 19th during our regular hours:
Wednesdays 12pm-7pm
Saturdays 12pm-5pm
We will be closed Thanksgiving weekend

Is it bad I want to copy this?

I'm gonna try to stack any objects on my cats while they are sleeping. I'm thinking it's not going to go well.

Maxi Swatch

I had this very same Maxi Swatch on my bedroom wall as a kid. I have totally been pining for it lately. Look how big it is!!!! It'd still be taller than me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Zooborns- something for everyone.

Taylor showed me this too! She said these tiny baby pygmy rabbits with painted ears reminded her of me. There were too many cute things to decide what to post, so I tried to restrain the best I could and keep it down to just the few that made me really flip out.


If you look at ANYTHING, you've got to see the orphaned Tamarins. They are so tiny they are being fed out of a spoon, nursed by a syringe, brushed with a TOOTHBRUSH!
There is a video on the page linked below.


You had me at Mermaid.

Taylor is excellent at finding good blogs made up of mostly just pretty pictures.
Sometimes it gets very girly.

Kenneth from 30 rock Responsibility Project

I saw this and freaked out because every girl I know has a crush on Kenneth from 30 Rock. I like taking screen shots of him making funny faces when I watch the episodes on Netflix and then I email them to Taylor.

It's kind of weird but also kind of cool that TV and a banking corporation are going hand in hand to host PSAs that tell people to remember the golden rule: treat people the way you would like to be treated. Does that make anyone else beyond neurotic if they feel like they are not living up to that and need to overcompensate? I've said too much.

Just Watch

Oh yeah, since Ksteg posted a video where I read the description where in bold you will see why the 2nd video from is relevant:

80s cheese, ripened on the shelf and ready for consumption. Production credits:
Director: Alan Smithee
Producer: Kate Linforth
Cinematographer: Shane Kelly
Editor: Richard Ross
Lighting: Torv Carlsen
Special Effects: Usual suspect Chris Casady
Costumes, Sets, Makeup and Props: Kind people who devoted their time with no pay—thank you.
Cast: The Fibs, George DiCaprio as the cult leader (yes, Leo's dad), Larry Smith and Michael O'Reilly as the deprogrammers, Jac Zinder, James Helpy, Belissa Cohen, and many more.

I guess his parents were 'artistic'...but Leo DaVinci? Couldn't they have come up with someone weirder to name him after?


Again, this one's for Ksteg:

Ok and while we're a little ridiculous here, I thought I'd share this video because I definitely have giggled this much over doing the exact same thing over and over and over again on purpose with my childhood friends whose moms were always taking us to the neighborhood gym with them:


Know Your Memes

My friend Ryan who is maybe coming to visit this Halloween weekend was telling me about this website where they analyze the popularity of viral videos, the effects, who made them, the criticism, everything. He was really telling me about it because we were talking about who we have TV crushes on, but it feels like vindication for wasting time watching funny videos on the internet. Check out the episode I watched:

I hope they have one on kittens inspired by kittens.

Since we just talked about keyboard cat, here we go:

this one's for Ksteg:

Tiny Monkey Joke!

I've been absolutely losing my shit over this every time I watch it. Nick Swardson is added to the list of crushes I'm pretty sure.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peter Pan's Lost Shadow

I was telling my friend whose nickname is [the] Shadow that I was going to suggest that he be Peter Pan's Shadow this Halloween, and then dismissed the idea, but it would be a pretty cool costume. Our friend Beth is dressing up as Peter Pan and she bought a tinkerbell costume for her boxer dog too...also, Taylor said she'd considered dressing up as Tigerlily, so I had to at least look for some nice pictures of it.
if the bandwith isn't allowing for these two images to be shown outside their host and you still wanna see: here and here

Remember how jealous Wendy gets over those eskimo kisses? Man, crazy!

Now that we've gotten all sweet, does anyone else see the blatant perversion in this "Peter Pan Catching His Own Shadow" statue?

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