Sunday, November 29, 2009

It says exactly what you think it does.

This guy must've had to have these for a very long time for them to be this worn out. I wonder how many times the "let's fuck" knux tats have worked for him.

Bonus kitty gif

Haha, the file name is called "cadowboxing" like shadowboxing haha

Most Definitely the cutest kitten on earth




Sad Songs are Good Songs

[HERE] is a live version of the original with English subtitles. It is so so so sad!
My favorite version is by stereo total where Alex Chilton accompanies them on guitar and it's fuggin rad, but I can't seem to find that one on the internet. There's a reason why I named my cat after him!

I have a new wish that I could have an all french karaoke party.

Friday, November 27, 2009


If you haven't seen it yet (like me) here are two trailers and a featurette where Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl's wife talk about movie, in theatres now.

Drunk History

I saw one of these in about February-- I can't believe I haven't posted them yet. My favorite ones are definitely 2.5 and volume 3: the one with the girl.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Artist: Codebreaker feat. Kathy Diamond
Directed, Shot and Edited by Erik West
Copyright 2009 Disco Demolition Records
None of the snow in this piece is simulated. I went out and show on the snowiest days of winter. The last scenes in the video were shot during a blizzard.

This was shot on a Canon Powershot SD630 Point & Shoot.
Additional footage was shot on a Sony EX1 by Jeff Thomas.
Posted using Final Cut, Photoshop, Motion and Color.

Apparently you have to have a camera that is able to shoot only 8 frames per second in order to do this, the standard is about 24 to 30 if I remember correctly. If you have a nice DSLR camera that has video capabilities (Ann Hubbard does!) or can do continuous shooting at around 8 frames per second, then you are in luck, but I don't know how else you make something like this easily. Now if you want to make your own tilt shift still images, I can tell you what to do for stills:

Lifetime, WOW!

There is a blog that all they do is review Lifetime Movies. I already searched the blog for my two top 3 favorite titles: Child of Rage and Empty Cradle, and Secret Cutting aka Painful Secrets (watch the preview it's awesome...probably Rhea Pearlman's most awesome role) with no immediate results, but I see previews for Lifetime movies all the time and chuckle and think about recording them, but then the ones that I have recorded, I've just never watched.


Now see why I was so creeped out and scared by this movie called "Child of Rage":

Especially since she is the little girl in Drop Dead Fred that plays baby Phoebe Cates and her mom is abusive in that movie!

there is also a super creepy 2 part youtube video of the actual documentary footage from the true story that this movie is based on! It's a little too creepy to embed here, but I'll go ahead and link [here] and part 2 is in the related videos. FUGGED UP.

Beer Party

Is it bad that this reminds me of most of my friends?

Speaking of Dreams

I had this totally weird dream last night where I went to this outdoor party on a kind of grassy mound that was that kind of muddy that rips the grass apart and you can slip at any moment if wearing improper footwear-which I was, and I did- so many times that people thought I was drunk, even though I wasn't drinking at all in the dream. So Ali and I go to the area where there are drinks and bathrooms, and our friend Peat comes up to us, Blackout Drunk and excited on his bike, and tells us he made us some tasty drinks. We taste them and they are made with some sort of red punch, but they are strong as hell and so both of us do spit takes.
Then some girl comes up to us and says, "uh, you guys might not wanna drink those, I saw him mix those with something from the trash, and he strained them into the cups with his teeth."

So we leave the party and throw away the backwash drinks, and then we go explore something else. I spot this cute little mexican baby and walk up and start speaking spanish to it, and she talks back and is immensely cute. Then I look up and see that on the picnic blanket is her (assumedly adoptive, white and redheaded) mom, who is actually more grandma aged than anything else.

I say to her in English how cute her baby is, and she says something along the lines of "looks like someone isn't going to be generous!" to which I say, "I'm sorry, what exactly do you mean by generous?" and she says "Oh, sometimes we get tips in exchange for baby hugs and cute baby tricks!" and I say, "well, I've only got one dollar AT ALL today, so I'm definitely not spending it on a hug just because your baby is cute" and then she quickly shifts her customer servicey attention to some grandma lady who walks up and gives her a dollar and gets a baby hug. WTF.

So I start thinking "omg this is like that Nick Swardson joke [I posted a video of it here] about spending all this money on monkey high fives, only this is a baby, a baby human! On a leash!" and in the distance I see Ksteg and a few other friends and I get her attention and mouth and motion to her "TAKE A PICURE! TAKE A PICTURE!" because something seriously bizarre is going on here, and she starts digging through her purse-- forgot her camera, and then her friend starts digging through her purse-- no camera...and I'm bummed but then I remember that I have mine but I don't want the lady to charge me for taking a picture of her little commodity scheme that she's running, and so I try to throw my (shock and waterproof and hot pink) digital camera to her and fail because I accidentally strapped it to my wrist. Then the photo op ended just as I threw it to them and they pick it up off the ground to figure out how to use it, and I was so bummed that I have such horrible luck about missing the moment with cameras, I woke up.

Here's a picture of Ali and I paying a spider monkey on a leash (wearing a john deere logo patterned suit) for high fives this summer at the IL state fair:

Speaking of...

Speaking of Lee and Trent and Anchovy, I had a dream the other night where SIMYP's Katie [she's totes adorbs and clever and if you didn't already know, I've got a huge internet best friend crush on her, here's an article where this other girl interviews her about her site] came to party with me [she tweeted the other day about having some unused vacation days] and I introduced her to those guys and we went somewhere and sat in a booth and then Lee said, "Someone get this girl a tall glass of Karaoke!" to which Dream Katie replied excitedly, "DOES THAT EXIST!?"

So I totally want to use this as a real exclamation at some point in the future. Get Ready.

Speaking of Karaoke, I never blogged about this crazy time that was my friend Ashley Vulture's 21st birthday. I was still in my neckbrace (sorry, no pics that night, I was behind the camera) and they picked me up to go to this great Karaoke bar here in STL that is one of my favorite places to take pictures, because of the amazing light and magic that goes on there.

I sang one of my karaoke staples- Linda Ronstadt's "Different Drum" which impressed Lee because I did not even have to look at the screen, I sang to my friends. While I was singing in my neckbrace and still trying to ham it up a bit, I spilled a little beer on accident, which I guess Tiffany thought was so funny she recreated it on purpose in what was surely the most wild rendition of "Welcome to the Jungle" I will ever see. There is a picture of a dude cleaning up her spill (pic. #1) and I don't know if this is the same dude but somewhere along the line, the bouncer came to kick Tiff out, and the DJ came to either confirm she's out or maybe even defend her, I don't know. Either way, what happened instead was fucking insane.

Tiffany broke a bottle on top of one of the dudes heads, which made the bouncer MACE Tiffany in the face, and I think maybe also her business partner (they own a rad record store) and the cops are called, and then our (already drunk) friends start getting rowdy and someone throws a chair which breaks some of the mirror walls, and then throws a beer at that, spider-webbing some more glass, and then they shut down the operation, the cops are called and Tiffany arrested (with charges later dropped I think), and I am scrambling to close my tab all while trying to act inconspicuous and claim to not know those folks (I want to be able to go back to that place and being in a neck brace is not exactly incognito!) and try to get a different ride because I don't drive. I got a ride quickly, but I ended up projectile vomiting (because I couldn't move my neck) later that night and it was bad in general...Here are the pics I snapped of the legendary performance that started it all:

Oh, did I mention that Tiffany is over 6 feet tall and hobbies include moshing? Now THAT'S a Tall Glass of Karaoke, my friends!

Ps- Sorry for the crotch shot, Tiff, at least you had tights on.

Bike Polo Boo Boo Scandal Caught on Tape!

So, last night my friend Anchovy was telling me about this bike polo tournament a few of our friends went to a few weeks back, and said that Trent had posted this picture (shown) of the aftermath of Lee (who is the main poster on STL's own original chapter FBC blog and I wish he would resume his awesome storytelling over at Subbing With Mr Awesome but I think debbie downer anonymous commenters harrassing him discouraged him a his defense, they were pretty unnecessarily bizarre and brutal) checking this dude and dude flipping and crashing as a result at high speed (Lee is Mr Awesome for a reason, he is both naturally competitive and naturally good at almost everything he does, no joke) and that someone posted a video of it where it shows the crash, the crash in slo-mo, and then again in super slo-mo, I totally had him email me a link so I could have a laugh for myself. I don't know anyone who doesn't like videos of people falling down.

So, I just watched it, and clearly it is like a summary of the poster's experience at the tournament, so much so that after about a minute of that song that's not really my skeez, and track bike showoffy looking stupid human tricks and one too many bern helmets (although I am really just sort of jeal that I don't have one myself) I kind of started to resent the dude in the pink shirt, so when they finally show the crash scene about 5 seconds after the 2 minute mark, and pink shirt guy is the one Lee checked (obvi not on purpose, knowing Lee he most likely sought the guy out to shake his hand and apologize and see if anything was wrong with him or his bike after either the goal he scored or after the round was over) I was totally ready to laugh at him. I just hope pink shirt guy included it because he has the good humor to laugh at himself. ;)

Mr Hunter Goes to Columbia from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

goalz and dreamz and does it exist?

Two things that are noteworthy right now:

•On Sunday I was feeling ambitious so I bought the NY Times in order to do the crossword. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking, I totally didn't finish it and then I was like "I wish it were Monday so I'd school this puzzle!" I met up with friends Anchovy, Adela, Ann and Dan early that evening and I was (I think) pretty far along in the puzzle and then Ann Hubbard Bogarted it and I had to remind her that she's hogging it if she's not even reading the clues out loud. Then I started looking up the clues on Wikipedia, and they were like "cheater!!!!!" etc, to which I said "Hey, it's not cheating if you're learning." They all started laughing and making jokes about me doing a "The More You Know" PSA saying that.

PS- DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THERE IS ANY WAY TO DO THE NYTIMES XWORD PUZZLES ONLINE? I'LL TAKE ANYTHING, NEW, ARCHIVED, I JUST WANT TO PLAY A COMPUTER GAME THAT ISN'T POINTLESS because I need something to replace this stupid ass treasure game that these Bulgarian girls in my classes have me playing. I need to quit.

•My friend Stephen has this pair of leopard print pants that look kinda like Camouflage, which he said make him look like a wrestler, but it makes me want to make a fake commercial for gay GI Joe dolls with leopard print camo outfits. Let's see what that google search turns up! Are you feeling lucky?

Ok, of course there is one of those viral redubbed GI Joe PSA's

In addition, as expected, YTMND has done it again! A bunch of times!
[There is music to this link!]

Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm sure Anderson Cooper is thrilled that a girl with a Betty Page tattoo got his portrait tattooed on her leg, right above a tattoo of CHERRIES and right below a fuggin BUTTERFLY! Do you think it is a coverup job or do you think she really just doesn't care about tattoo placement?


If you didn't already know this about me, I LOVE twin peaks. When I got the gold box set, I watched it all with my then boyfriend and then after we were done I wanted to start all over again. He said maybe we could do it once a year, but I'm pretty sure we broke up before the 2nd year of owning the gold box set rolled around. My friend Courtney sent me a postcard when she went to the Twin Peaks festival up in the Northwest, where she met the actor that plays the giant and also won a Tibetan rock throwing contest! Personally, I cannot decide which character I have a bigger crush on, but I do know that I don't believe that in Fire Walk With Me (which should be watched as I watched it-- after you've seen the series in its entirety) two things:
1) what was Lara Flynn Boyle thinking not being a part of it?
2) I do not believe that the real alive Laura Palmer would be that mean unless when she is trying to fight being possessed by Bob. Also the incest thing is kinda nast too.

ANYWAYS-- Taylor was nice enough to email me this great gallery of really nice photos of David Lynch and the cast, so of course I'd be happy to share that with all of you.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Gaga

My Lady Gaga obsessed friend [to whom I can thank for my own fixation, I've now seen every video and TV performance she's ever done, a picture of each crazier than i'll ever get to wear outfits] just told me that the only tickets to her show at the Fox left now are $250. Unless I have some sort of hero/angel/friend that already bought an extra under $100 ticket I can justify buying, I will be seeing no Gaga Opera. It is going to be so rad, I want to see pirated video, and lots and lots of people dressed up as poor man's versions of her. :(

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pictures I take of myself at work

I was looking at the photobooth application today on the work computers and thought it was funny that every so often I'll feel compelled to take some pictures if there's not much to do. This spans over a few years, and clearly some are really bizarre, which is the only reason that I thought it was funny.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Live in THE FUTURE

I started following Barack Obama on Twitter. I don't remember when I did it, and I haven't really read any of his tweets, but today I was bored and I checked my twitter home page, and saw [THIS TWEET] where he tells us to tweet at our senators about health care reform, and I think it's absolutely brilliant that we can now harass our senators in less than 140 characters. Seems more convenient for all parties. I think I like it.
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