Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't Judge the 7th grade me where I thought it was cool to be conceited, please.

I had it in mind to never let these things leave my apartment so I can read them to people that come over recycling bin but also halfway wanted to scan them in, all while fully disgusted that I ever thought it was cool to have life goals like "be popular" and think inciting envy was a good thing that made you rise to the top. I blame my cousin Lindsy (who I partly started going by my middle name because she's one of my favorite cousins and the idea that there would be two Lindsy Donahues in the same family was just toooo much for me to not SWF it! JK! Go watch her puzzling music video I posted a bit ago please, LMK what you think SRSLY) mostly because she showed me how to wear a shit ton of makeup and watch Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Can't Hardly Wait, She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, and probably the most influential on this particular attitude: Jawbreaker.

Jawbreaker is actually still a really great movie but seeing it now and seeing it at age 12 are two different things. The idea of being a "fabulous four" popular girl with awesome outfits just was so sparkly, and I think the line where the girl that becomes "Vylette" recalled Liz Purr "ruling with kindness" was intensely goal inducing for me. Middle school was going to be DIFFERENT, because there would be so many more kids from other elementary schools that wouldn't know how much everyone picked on me! There would be boys! Oh god, I feel so embarrassed even recalling this, but I mean I guess the reason we all hate teenagers is because we all hated ourselves when we were their age! Note to self: email mom to have her scan in my 7th grade school picture. To give you a mental picture, I look kind of like season 1 Emma from Degrassi The Next Generation. Also, I will later scan in and post the picture of me at age 14 wearing a tank top that has rhinestone letters that say "SEXY" and a rhinestone necklace that says "FOXY" (and snarling at my brother for taking the picture) that also is totally embarrassing but hilarious in retrospect.

So now that you have an idea of what mindset to think about these in, I give you the scans of these doodles I found in a box for a game called Malarky (I'm the only one that seems to think it's fun) I got, note the dates on the papers, the invoice scrap piece of paper I used as the backside (the HARD DRIVE SIZES WTF?!!?), the ever changing AOL screenname, the experimentation with the unique spelling of my name, the fact that I wanted a pager WITH a digital display so you can send your BFF messages like 143 (which somehow means I HEART YOU! and I still don't really get it) and that little fairy butt that I drew. ENTER THE MILLENIUM, let's party like it's 1999:

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