Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get ready for maybe the most pointless movie review ever..

Bob seger's "Night Moves" and Rod Stewart's "young hearts beat free tonight" just woke me up on my alarm clock and I think I can already hear my upstairs neighbors (one or both of whom seem to also be some sort of students who keep strange hours of coming home and doing laundry at weird times during the day) hating the next hour when my radio is on so I actually stay awake because for some reason I felt it necessary to stay up extra extra late to watch and finish this stupid "American Pie: Book of Love" movie that was on comedy central last night....how many of these movies have they made now?
Now I think I might remember where I recognize the name of the star of the movie....Bug Hall... He was Alfalfa in the 1994 Little Rascals movie!!!! My love! I guess that goes to show that they are still casting people in their early mid 20s as teens in movies?
His mom was played by Rosanna Arquette (I am a sucker for any Arquette) and somehow Eugene Levy was arbitrarily placed in this movie with little to no regard to the fact that uh, hasn't he been the mainstay in ALL the American Pie movies? I guess this is what they are good for, hiring forgotten child actors and their awesome adult actors whose cameos will hold your attention when the plot gets boring...

Also, when the awkward Jewish chubs kid was (successfully!) professing his love to the trophy popular girl on the ski trip, he mentions in his speech of "loving her for HER" that he remembers her lip-syncing to "Hey Ya" by Outkast in the 6th grade talent show and although now that seems so long ago and I actually realize that I may have only been in 8th or 9th grade even though last night while watching this I was like "Well I feel old, that song did NOT happen that long ago! Wow!"
I guess the fact that I snuck into the first American Pie movie in middle school (and being transfixed by the fact that the all-grown-up actor from time travelin kid in the early 90s release "A Kid in King Arthur's Court" was so unabashedly dedicated to learning how to give flawless oral sex to the now very gross and permadrunk Tara Reid...sorry, TMI?) and then subsequently making a bazillion of these movies with a rotating cast just makes me feel a little too old for these movies now. But hey, I gotta keep up on my culturaly references for when I talk to my teenage cousins and nephews, right? Ps- Has anyone actually seen one or more of these pictured below? Can anyone attest to the fact that they somehow magically come up with a new type of vaginally textured food for the main man to have sex with in each one?

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