Friday, November 19, 2010

Long island Arch

So after my friend Julie and I left our friend Jake's house after our awesome downtown night bike ride, I stopped by my friend Ann Hubbard's house to see how the finishing stages were on her PBR fauxto-booth for this saturday's pbr me in St louis event at 2720 cherokee thrown by STL's own Dave Aholt who works for Pabst Blue Ribbon, and I've got to say, it looks like it's going to be a blast to pose with! Also, Ann got this free bottle of like insta long island iced tea from work bc her manager realized it was never going to sell, and I took a picture bc the packaging only reminds me of 80s TShirt graphics, like this windsurfing t my brother has had since he was little, or the "DON'T HASSLE ME, I'M LOCAL" TShirt from the Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss movie 'What About Bob?' that I've always steps.

Ps- did you see my nail polish? I keep forgetting to post the pic of them after I painted them.

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  1. Yes! I didn't even realize this was ever a post, somehow I missed it. Stellar!


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