Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Piet Mondrian Style Nails

I painted my nails like Piet Mondrian paintings. While searching for his paintings on the internet I actually came across another girl's blog who painted famous artworks on her nails also and I think I did a way neater job (excepting smudges already incurred in one day of wear) if I'm allowed to brag for a second, but I take pride in my nail painting hobby. Woah check out this Mondrian bathroom on Apartment Therapy! I am totally going to make bad art history quiz jokes to my art history professors at my Wild Turkey family party tonight and it is going to be awesome! HA! WHAT YEAR WAS THE PAINTING ON MY MIDDLE FINGER MADE, JEFF AND DOUGLIS? Slide library THIS! Just kidding, I will not be that mean. Maybe. It depends on how liquored up they get me. Here are some of the paintings I looked at while I was painting them yesterday:

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