Friday, November 12, 2010


My wonderful friend Trent sent me today's Single Topic Blog and I immediately thought it was not only brilliant, I responded with an "OMFG THIS IS ALMOST CUTER THAN KITTENS!!!!" Now I feel like I have some sort of weird fetish of the variety that are reserved for exotic Japanese businessmen and it needs specialty porn where they do this while performing cunnilingus that ultimately blows up really big and gets made fun of on the internet and all clip shows. All of this sprung from an email and looking at the first page of that blog. It might have something to do with the fact that this is probably my favorite picture I've ever taken of anybody, and even though that's actually black cake frosting, it's still kinda the same. What a total creep I am. Woah, buddy! Fortunately for me, they have a "shirts on" policy and the page reminds to "keep it clean, fellas"....WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

1) Please comment if you know me and you have a beard, or bring it up next time you see me.
2) How soon can we get you in front of a camera with a cupcake? Cupcake and camera provided.
3) Winter is coming, start growing a beard.
4) Did I just write a craigslist casual encounters?
5) Can we somehow involve limited edition print Snuggie?

Today I kind of hate myself for having a "I have a blog submitting problem" tag...
These two guys above and below look so surprisingly clean cut and fresh faced with beards? Little angels that look prime for someone to adopt them as their boyfriend and pose with puppies...
what kind of motorcycle do you think this guy has?

do you think these guys live in a bear den together?
which ones? jk I'll stop now.

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