Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teamo 2010 skate witches collection (skate, bitches!)

This Teamo muscle hands white blouse comes from their Fall 2010 "Skate Witches" collection, which I only hope is a reference to this video:

The song featured is "Skate and Destroy" by The Faction. I looked it up, just in case you loved it that much. Anyways, they're a newish awesome Mexican designer duo, I can't tell if they have a website or not, and this (way out of my own price range) shirt caught my eye on the internet and sent me on a mission!

Ok, so now that we're totally distracted by the awesome skate witches trailer, check out this weird video that I clicked on assuming it had something to do with teamo's skate witches collection since it was titled "skate witches 2010" but is actually 2 punk rock moms reinacting the trailer sort of them is holding a Razor scooter the whole time.... awkward! A few days later, I actually did find a video that actually shows their Skate Witches collection, but it's not really interesting unless you're into runway shows.

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  1. I am a big fan of the Teamo collection. I just blogged on it...


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