Monday, November 29, 2010

this reminded me of that: I love weird voices

I was watching an episode of Cheers and this character "Loretta" really reminded me of the same voice as Brittany from the animated series Daria. You see for yourself:

Loretta's the ex wife that's blonde...

She's the cheerleader...

look at 2:50 to see Brittany in the musical episode:


  1. What is up with those videos being backwards?

    Rhea Perlman's version of Loretta's voice reminds me of Ellen Greene's voice.

  2. I think it's someone that is very concerned with not getting their videos pulled but maybe misguided by what constitutes violation of copyright on youtube?

    Re: Ellen Greene: yes, yes it does.

  3. Or anyway, Ellen Greene's voice from LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, that movie and the OCR are the only times I've ever heard her voice that I know of (looking at her IMDb profile I guess I have probably heard it a few other times but I don't remember!).

  4. yeah i had to look her up on imdb to even know who you were talking about initially, but yeah, found the same surprises!


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