Friday, December 3, 2010

Chilton's been wearing this dog TShirt going on 3 or 4 days now

He is such a strange cat that he actually looks like he feels more awesome and comfortable in a TShirt. He hates it when I put a sheet or covers over him, but the cat can't help it, he loves dog TShirts!
He hasn't even meowed at me weirdly or rubbed up on me annoying me to death with the only paw he could get out himself hanging out of the shirt, begging to have me take it off.
Look, he's also kind of sitting like a dude which makes me want to Photoshop a beer into his hands...I mean paws. UPDATE** I totally made a photoshop collage for my friend and he put it on his blog hehe why don't I make my friends photoshop collages all the time?

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