Saturday, December 25, 2010

CUTE ALERT: Greyhound Jockeys!

Even though it was probably just as cruel as regular greyhound racing, I have recently hung out with my friend Joe W's greyhounds (Simple and Dyna, rescued racers) twice so far and I've never seen anything like them, I keep calling them aliens because they don't act or move like any dog I've ever seen! Gentle and obedient giants! Last year I went to the Soulard Mardi Gras Dog Parade [MY PICS HERE] and I had so much fun I don't think I've ever squealed so much in my life, there was too much cuteness going on!

This year I'm determined to make costumes for at the very least both greyhounds; one of them is going to be carrying a tiny stuffed animal monkey jockey (kind of like this one) and the other one will be carrying an alien jockey and have some sort of element that suggests the aliens in ancient Egypt conspiracies, inspired by my friend Ann Wells' pyramid head costume from a few years ago:
Don't you think a greyhound would look cool with that costume, complete with a neon green alien on it's back? I'll show you the dogs before I show you more pictures of greyhound jockeys:

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