Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do you think my nephews and teenage cousins would be pissed or psyched if I joked that this is what they're getting for Xmas?

Does anyone ACTUALLY like Criss Angel Mindfreak? I just saw a late night infomercial advertising that he came out with a MAGIC KIT...and as a bonus you get a DVD that teaches you how to levitate? I levitated last night, when my friend who is like 6' 5" and strong like Paul Bunyan picked me up and put me on his shoulder like I was a tiny person! I want to watch the levitation DVD just for the hell of it, but if it has the same annoying music and voices as this commercial does...I don't wanna watch it.

I will say that I love that there are so many instances of impressing girls in this infomercial! Pretty funny! The HSN lady also seems succeptible to his flirting with magic...if you have never seen the Everything Is Terrible! 'Flirting With Magic' are sorely missing out. Why are HSN ladies all in love with Criss Angel?

I think we need to make this a "thing" that if you have a teenager or you know a teenager (let's even go the extra mile and say tween to twenty) you should buy them this magic kit like you think it's the hippest thing for their age group and they are going to be so excited when they find out what it is, it's going to impress all the girls at school, and then when they open it up and find out that this is a magic kit with stupid criss angel graphics, I wanna see teenagers making pissed off detailed reviews broadcasted from their bedrooms about what a shitty gift their aunt/parents/older cousin they thought was cool until this horrible missing the mark gift choice and posting them on youtube so that it can come full circle and we can laugh at their funny videos. MAGIC IS POWER. LET'S RICKROLL SOME TEENAGERS via bad Xmas gifts.

Ps- to any of my actual teenage cousins/nephews...If you're reading this I've obviously ruined the surprise, and I have wayyyyy too many cousins to ever afford to buy more than one, but if you promise to make a video review of this product, or wait long enough that it could be found in a thrift store (maybe my 8 year old cousin? jk) I can maybe consider actually gifting it to you. But only if you make a video that is either taking yourself as seriously as this kid in the 1st below video (it seems like he is tamping a pack of cigarettes like does anyone remember that anti smoking ad that shows a guy doing this and turns into a chimp? I can't find it on youtube) or you can act like you hate it and everything sucks just like your teenage life, or if you make a video like this kid in the 2nd below video, whose levitation seems actually plausible (!?) then we will have succeeded, even if it is only to get a laugh out of our uncles.

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