Sunday, December 19, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window? The ones that make up a belt...?

Uhhh...what were they thinking? "Mannequins and puppies! That's it! That's our holiday window!" This is an adult women's clothing store...WTF is that concept?! Who the hell thought it was cool or nice looking just to shove a bunch of identical stuffed animal St Bernard puppies into purses and in a chain around the mannequins and that would be enough for the most extravagant window styling shopping heavy season of the year?

Now let's lighten the mood. Fran and I went into J Crew a few doors down because their window displays were fucking amazing and sparkly and worth posting about in all seriousness. I wonder if they hired the people who made all the tour decorations for the band Beach House...CONFETTI SYSTEM decoration designers...check out amazing studio visits with them [HERE ON SIGHT UNSEEN] and [HERE ON THE SELBY

I GUESS MY HUNCH WAS CORRECTOMUNDO because [HERE] is an article where Interview Magazine did a piece on them doing the J Crew Window displays for the holiday season nationwide! Hooray! Makes me want to pick up making piñatas again! I love making piñatas it is so much fun. I really am curious about how they go about making the tassels though, the roped parts at the top are so beautiful...I kind of want this one hanging in my bedroom. I think I'm going to hang a bunch of the diamonds and piñatas Ali and I made together from my ceiling as a compromise in being steep in price, because they are way too cool to just sit in a closet. I don't know if my step ladder is tall enough to get up there to hang them, but it will look so cool I will have to do it.
Here's a pic Fran took with one of her many awesome iPhone camera effects apps of the same window display...She has a whole Tumblr blog dedicated to pictures she takes on her iPhone, I wish blogger would get an iPhone app like Tumblr...[CMYF]

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