Sunday, December 19, 2010

I think my mom might've secretly invented the groupon

Or at least she totally knows how to find Internet deals so easily and awesomely that she probably could make the best online coupon site ever! She's got the know-how! It's awesome she mailed these to me, but really unfortunate that the mail carrier seems to have dropped them off a full 5 days after they already expired, which makes me sad because these are all coupons for places I actually go to! Here I was all ready to go vintage shopping, Vietnamese food eating, karaokeing, coffee shoppin, out to lunch with my friends that work in maplewood and impress them all with a discounted check, and top it off with margaritas at el maguey, but now I can't because they're already expired. Frown. Maybe there is some way to remedy this if she paid for them...hmmm.

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