Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Chance: "Which Witch is Which and/or Summertime" ends this Saturday at White Flag Projects

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Lucky for you, I am working that day. I have to go to a medical study I agreed to do for part of the day, but otherwise you should come see this NSFW show and I will show you some of the exhibit-- which I admittedly know surprisingly little about since I've had a busy month in school and I've been doing mostly clerical work there lately--but I liked at least three or more of the artists and the curator has come to be a friend, and it's hung more ways than one now that I think about it. (Now I feel creepy for saying that.) We are open today and tomorrow 12-5pm.

One of those ways is Leigh Ledare's work, which I had to stand through and flip through with about a bazillion strange men and then I didn't even get to talk with him about his work (or his moustache!) after the reception. It was definitely the first time I met someone, shook their hand, and then within hours saw pornographic photos of his mother (one of which is fully like high heels touching spread and inviting) and others of him (one of which he is full-frontal nude in the shower, and another where his penis is fully erect and he is invitingly lounging on a bed) and we have had about a bazillion creepy mailmen, guys with say, drywall quotes, and whoever else comes through the gallery pretty much sexually harassing my Assistant Director boss (ie: "yeah this is MY KIND OF ART you guys are showing here!" THAT HAPPENED!) and I'm still really bummed I didn't get to ask him about how this body of work came about at all, because I don't know much about it, but here are some of them, because it's grown on me a lot. Especially this first one with Care Bears in it.

If you're still just as confused as me, read this (semi downer of an) piece the Village Voice did on him [HERE] or one from Black Book [HERE] which I'll excerpt what I think everyone might have an interest in "Ledare, who left home at 15, and was formerly a professional skateboarder (no wonder I liked him) and assistant to photographer-director Larry Clark of KIDS fame, says the camera provides needed distance between him and his mother and, conversely, serves as a catalyst 'to sort of push the relationship.'” Enjoy, and for your convenience, I've done my very first ever "after the jump" page break so that you will have to click the link below the first tame image in order to view the more Not Safe For Work ones, and to finish reading what I wrote about the show...

Some of the chosen images are in the show, but there are a lot more at the gallery so come on down and see it before it goes away! It's warm in there, there's a couch right now to watch an Austrian video artist that from what I've read and come to understand (haven't had time at work to sit down and watch the entire video, just snippets while I walk to the kitchen or bathroom on my way back and forth between our back office and the gallery attendant desk) makes her work with a super 8 camera that also filmed she and her twin sister growing up, and shows that sort of footage interspersed with footage of her nude and distorting her body into like, face shapes or other kinds of "soft body sculptures" using stretched out lingerie and's kinda shocking because you'll be watching it and you'll be thinking, "aw, look, Austrian twins learning how to ski and rolling around on a carpet as babies!" and then it'll flash to Maria now and you'll be like "WOAH that was pubes!" I might sit down on the couch this Saturday and spend some time with that video, since I won't have Taylor to switch off being in the office and attending the gallery with me like we normally would.

What's really weird is that the day of the opening, I was chauffering around some of the artists and Ajay the curator was in my front seat, and he got a call from his dad saying "Hi! I'm in St Louis in a hotel!" to surprise him and come to his opening, which was super sweet and made me like Ajay even more. The other artists in the car asked what his dad was like and if he was in the arts, to which he reported that his dad is a Dr and has always been ultra-supportive of all his endeavors. This sparked a conversation between the two girls (one Canadian and the Austrian) about their parents' involvement, perception, or knowledge of their careers; which I kept my mouth shut for but it was fascinating because the way they described it can almost be likened to coming out to your parents and telling them you're gay. I really wish Leigh was there for that conversation, because he still makes me curious.

If you feel weird about yourself now, then feel better by looking at this picture of a dog fight that is also Leigh's work and was shown at White Flag in September 2008's Tiny Vices curated by ♡Tim ♥ ♥Barber.♡ (Who I think may or may not have partly or wholly inspired me to dye my hair the color it is from his photo show Mystic Heather, Virgin Snow, although to my credit I did not use Manic Panic ...both my bosses at White Flag go out of their ways to tell me TB updates when they see that yet again he did something awesome)

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