Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Big Planet

Does it make me a bad friend or an awesome friend that I know 2 friends with PS3 systems with birthdays coming up after the new year (you guys know who you are) and I am selfishly tempted to buy them both an extra controller and Little Big Planet the game so that I can go over to their houses to play this game? Plus, it looks like LBP's price dropped since LBP2 came out, which is what the below trailer is for.

It is so cool, I just played it for the first time after watching Mariah play it a ton last year with everyone but me (she is really good and fast at video games and I'm afraid she would get mad at me if I played with her and was slow) and finally got to play it with my friend's 6 year old Jett who had a little big planet cake at his birthday party! Aside from him telling me he did not like me when I died too much and his dad reminding him to share turns with me, we had a very fun time. In the game, you work together instead of playing against one another and you collect stickers and decorate your room and use jetpacks and have races and it's just so cool. I want to make LBP avatars all day every day.
What is Little Big Planet??

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