Thursday, December 9, 2010

My favorite part of my room right now

From bottom on my dresser I inherited when my beloved Ksteg moved away...
•Slayer coke mirror (maybe originally manufactured for cutting drugs on but I don't do that)
•color changing LED globe
•white kitty statue Taylor got me a few Xmases or Birthdays ago...on the other side of the dresser there's a large white unicorn bust that I had to superglue the horn back on.
•the biggest mirror in my apartmt that I found (and cleaned up) in an alley in my neighborhood a few years ago (excuse the mess on my laundry rack reflected in the mirror)
•my awesome Container store clearance section jewelry hanger rack (I love clear plastic/lucite anything) with:
  • beaded eagle totem like headband and antler necklace, both from the IL state fair 2009 trip from a booth called "The Old Man" located in "Conservation World"
  • "hooker with a ♥ of gold" necklace shaped like a stripper hanging from a steering wheel ceiling thing with a heart die cut, bought from Ziezo a few years ago. 
  • a square plastic bracelet I found in my apartment that an old friend left here
  • black velvet cat ears hat with feathers from Retro 101 on Cherokee Antique Row, Janet and Jon are AMAZINGLY AWESOME to their repeat customers.
  • pearl necklace of various colors on various "invisible" stringlines or whatever they make stiff chains out of...
  • OBEY necklace with arrowhead and feather on multiple chains (it gets so tangled if I don't hang it up) bought at their sample sale at their warehouse this past summer.
I have two more of these plastic jewelry hangers because my mom saw them at the container store and saw that I liked them and went ahead and bought me two more, haven't hung them up yet.

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