Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NOT the only pug video I've watched today (or hedgehog video)

I wonder how many animal videos I can watch to put off finishing my homework before lunch....
let's not find out. Just don't click on any more videos that say "(insert animal name or species here) scared by fart"


  1. My favorite pug video of all-time:


    Check out SUPER OLD MAN pug at 0:44.

  2. sounds like a song you'd make up, i LIKE it.

  3. I think the song is a remix from song on an old episode of THE LETTER PEOPLE, which I only found out after I'd seen the pug video (though who knows, maybe I saw it as a little kid),


    There's a sweet accordion solo in this version, and some better-featured strings and such. Also the singing is way more dramatic, and done by a puppet, et cetera.

  4. Oh man I just realized the second half of the video I sent you a link to in that last comment has the version that is actually remixed for the pug video...weird that they used a different (much more suave-sounding) dude than the TV show version singer to sing the audio recording!

    Also, I WISH I came up with a song that tight!


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