Monday, December 20, 2010

Stop sending me ugly recycled emails every day.

I was feeling kind of crabby today, and really friggin sick of getting an email from Nieman Marcus every day when I don't ever shop there, and they recycle the same email graphics over and over and STILL think it's ok to send it "2-4 times a week" (read: every day) and they are so ugly I finally just unsubscribed. Here's a screenshot of what I said to them because I thought it was funny and kind of catty:

The only reason I am subscribed to so many shops email lists are that I used to do email marketing for a women's boutique and so I was seeing what was popular to do and keeping up on trends of what's ugly and what's not but I haven't gotten any freelance email marketing work because I haven't sought out any new clients since I've been busy with my semester, so I'm lenient about what I look at in my email box, even with the ugly or boring ones, so I can see what's effective/ineffective, and I couldn't take it anymore. Here's an example of the one I complained about in my feedback of why I unsubscribed:

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