Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taylor sends the best emails

without saying much at all. She knows me too well. I've also been fwding Taylor's funny picture emails all day to my new friend and fellow Gemini Fran so she will fall in love with Taylor before she even meets her. Hehe.

So, I dedicate to Taylor one of my favorite Beach Boys songs, "She Knows Me Too Well"...and I wonder if I'm the only one that thinks "I'm a motherfucking MONSTER" is a direct reference to Die Antwoord's "Enter the Ninja" where Ninja goes "I'M A MOTHAFUCKIN NINJA!" (see at about 5:00 he says it) Speaking of which, I have learned MOST OF the words to this song, and am in all seriousness kind of in weird obsession love with the idea of them, and I take them very seriously as someone who takes their own weirdness very seriously. Every so often I will put it on repeat in my car when I am alone so that I can spend some time learning the words or practicing, and I started joking that I could use "ninja" as a measure of travel time in my car; for example, "wow, it only took me half a ninja to get to your house!" or "It took me 3 ninjas to drive from Soulard to Shrewsbury!" but I'll only measure things that way if I'm actually listening to the song. Anyways, back to the Beach Boys song for Taylor:

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