Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today I'm dressed a little funny

Sometimes I forget that I have purple hair and that I might risk leaving the house looking a little like one of Ronald McDonald's fry kids.

I like how you can see my miso soup and all my nail polishes in the bin with even more nail polishes in it next to me.

Here's what I have on:
-Two pairs of yellow orange tights for warmth, the top pair is printed and from a ghetto beauty supply store
-Red knit thick thigh high socks from target
On top:
-red bra from VS that didn't fit right til about this year
-A men's 2XL tank top from obey I wear as a dress in the summer but today is used as a layer for warmth
-one of the warmest shirts I own, a bright orange long sleeved thermal with white enamel snaps halfway down the front from The sale rack at Banana Republic on my first trip to Chicago in October 2004, that's kind of shrunk over the years.
-a bright orange sweatshirt material tank tennis mini dress with pockets from Lacoste that I bought from their kids rack when I was 16 or 17, also shrunk a lot since I bought it.
Since I've chosen to wear a skirt today, I am considering breaking out my warm long winter coat, but I'm also going to bowling league tonight after my night class downtown, and that's like the smokiest place in town, soooo uhhh I might

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