Friday, December 3, 2010

TRON, my love! Where art thou?

OK If you'd like to skip my rant and go on to the article that inspired it, JUST GO HERE TO READ IT PLEASE.
So I just came across this article on Newsweek's website saying that the original movie TRON is now a commodity to collectors because Disney not only has no plans of a re-release of original TRON, but apparently they're practically pretending it never existed for some sort of mystery reason since they have a (totally weird and lame and boring looking jk) sequel to hype up so big that they don't think that they have to even associate it with the original that gave them the idea to make that movie in the first place?!

I mean, I actually get that Disney has never paid much attention to the fact that they made TRON...My brother and I LOVED TRON, it was one of the movies we watched OVER and OVER and OVER and probably wore out the tape (uhhh LASERS, LEOTARDS, and LIGHTBIKES? I'm IN!) and when we were in High School in OC and had annual passes to Disneyland...surprisingly pretty commonplace, it's actually surprisingly a weird niche subculture of Disneyland punk teenager meetup hangout spot, complete with rumors that they used to kick out kids with crazy colored hair at some point in's your example with newly 15 year old me and my 7 year old nephew in the picture, ha...that's totally a 15 year old thing to do, flirt with boys when you're babysitting a family member on vacation:

Anyways, I distinctively remember going to this kiosk where my mom was buying us these enamel metal pins of different characters and there's like every character under the sun and some deal where it's like "buy 5 and get a discount! buy even more and believe you're saving even more money!" and so we were picking out a billion nightmare before xmas pins and whatever else, and talking about all the characters from like old minor movies we grew up with like say the (racially inappropriate charged) animated Breyer (sp) Rabbit and Tar Baby, and Pete's Dragon (who's in the electric light parade and it's embarrassing the amount of character and plot explaining the "Pete" character on the float has to do),  the complainy lion king from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and all these collectible pins of other various forgotten and popular Disney movies that we liked as a kid, and then in the very very bottom corner, there were only 1 or 2 TRON related pins. We were of course like "OMG WE LOVE THAT MOVIE HOW COME THERE ARE ONLY TWO, SHOW SOME RESPECT DISNEY!" not thinking that it had totally fallen into obscurity.

So, to their defense, I don't think they were paying much attention to TRON before they decided to remake it, they certainly don't look like they are regarding much of the original premise in the new one. Below is the one we got, and this website apparently chronicles like the entire history of TRON Disney released

That being said, have they gone totally fucking nuts? Who HASN'T seen Tron Guy, famous internet meme, or some version of him photoshopped into something, or whatever...I mean, you'd think they'd think it was relevant enough if people were not only making jokes about it on the internet, but South Park made a whole TRON centric episode, and didn't Tosh.0 give him a web redemption? I'm confused. Also, I totally agree with the graphic below, PUT HIM IN THE NEW MOVIE.

Also, in recent years I rewatched this movie and was pleasantly surprised to find that the plot is centered around a computer programmer trying to be a good guy and curtail the greed of the fatcats and the corporation he works for, which in turn gets him stuck in the crazy laser lightbike fight for your life world, but he uses his smarts and physical prowess to avoid death and save the day, and none of that is anything to be ashamed of, Disney. Give us back our TRON.


  1. Dang, I have TRON on DVD out on loan from the library right now, maybe I should pretend like I lost it so I can keep it (for like $20 or whatever)? All three local library systems have at least one copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition.

  2. Keep the dvd.
    It's going for $150 at Amazon.

    Although I will say, I did play the video game in the 80s but have never seen the movie.

  3. Is it really SELLING for that much, or is that just what people are ASKING?

  4. Check the "completed listings" and you tell me?


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