Thursday, December 2, 2010

WTF Kate Spade makes something I made when I was 17!

So I saw today that Kate Spade now makes these clutches out of book covers, and although the ones they make are super high end and high design (and even have a super clever middle zippered pocket!) made from what look like Saul Bass esque designed hardback book covers, it's not really a new idea. I used to make them and I stole the idea from one I'd seen in a boutique that I couldn't afford the price tag (for $125!) from a company who is ironically fittingly named for the French word for "theif" or "the robber" or something, La Voleuse, and their website indicates that they don't operate as an accessory line anymore. Maybe that girl went and got a job with Kate Spade so she doesn't have time for her own line anymore...let's hope so!

Anyways, check out the Kate Spade collection that is aptly titled The Book Of the Month Club. I hope they didn't send cease and desist letters to all the poor girls with etsy sites that thought it was a cute idea to make a book out of a's not like they need to monopolize the market with their $325 price tag...I know mine were pretty janky for sure, but with everything high end, that's got to come with a spectrum of several grades of quality made and affordability intersecting in some sort of Venn Diagram of DIY! I think I've stopped talking about their bags and so I guess I'll talk about the ones I made a little bit...

So the clutch purses I made in high school were out of old hardbound book covers that my high school library was getting rid of on the discard rack. So I'd see them and choose carefully based on what color book cloth covered it, or the type or emblems/illustrations or catchy title or whatever was interesting on them, and then I ripped all the pages out, usually in one very satisfying swoop, tossing it into immediately into the closest trash or recycling bin, and take the covers home to put a cloth lining in them with velcro closures. Since most of them had old acidic tape like crumbling off holding the protective plastic to the covers that had like permanently discolored little tape adhesive squares with serrated edges worn into the cloth, I mostly did spray paint stencils of like stripes or whatever or gluing heart shaped buttons to them, some with tulle spraying out the top...imagine like super girly punk like hot pink, lavender, neon green, black and white striped fabric lining the inside....basically, they all kind of look like they could all match the great example of an everyday HL at 17 outfit so greatly exemplified in this picture of me in my yearbook where I was voted "Most Unique" in our superlatives...still cringing over winning that...

I don't have any pictures of the bags themselves, but I bet I will end up opening up some box when I am home for the holidays and inevitably helping my mom clean out the room I am going to stay in (that has no walls and is actually an office....nervous already about my dad being overly chipper/hyper in the morning) and a bunch of them might be crushed up in a box! I might actually still have one lying around from my 1st book arts class from my 1st semester of college where we had to make some sort of autobiographical book or something and I had a book that was a purse filled with stuff that are like context clues to who a person is by what they'd keep in their purse...mostly like copies of old IDs and drivers licenses and passports, a photobooth strip, and whatever else I identified with at age 18. Let's hope I find it so I can show you!

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