Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Party

Ali and I are making a total mess in my apartment making piñatas and
things for a window display.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

taylor porn

Ked like shoes, Alec Baldwin and Anthony Bourdain, and some other vaguely nice angular guy in what looks like a perfume ad, but mostly just the shoes. We are watching Scoop after having brunch.

Tattoos I found this morning

Matt gave Taylor and I ball point pen tattoos last night. Taylor's kind of look like neck face.

Are YOU funky?

This reminds me of when I momentarily wanted to get a vanity plate
that said AWESOME and then my very practical mother said, "do you want
the cops to think you're awesome?"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My awkward kittykat

I can't tell which is better so i'm just gonna post both. He is really
particular about where he puts his front legs, and most of the time
it's in some fashion of straight out in front or straight out below
making him sit up in the most awkward way possible. Plus, he is like
picking up a cinder block. But He loves the ladies.

Fuck you, i'm flyin south!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I got so distracted by the fact that this is the best cat mustache I have ever ever ever ever seen that I can't remember if I've already told you guys about HIPSTER KITTY yet.

Plus, they told me how a cat in a captain's hat made $10 MILLION in tourism money for a town!


PS- On a totally unrelated note, I think I want a domain name for my birthday. and parts to build up my fun and colorful bike frame, probably a ridiculously expensive wheelset.


More info on the opening reception and show from The RFT or see what the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago has to say about him, he'll be there, and he is a super nice and fun guy! Here is a picture Matt took of him on my camera last time he was in town, when he basically made best friends with my friend's dog:
he also took a picture of a Chewbacca doll in an ashtray and this picture of me where my nose looks like it has a hook or something...why not?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My boyfriend's in the newspaper today

He works for the largest wine cellar and walk in beer cooler West of the Mississippi, located in Costa Mesa, CA [their site] as one of the beer specialists (he'd be able to tell you about most of what they carry as well though-- they have a LOT of liquor and wines, and my mom likes to buy chocolate there now) and last week he got interviewed and photographed for an article in The OC Register about spring and summer beer recommendations.

I think it's cool the set of beers he chose doesn't have an out of control price range so the casual beer enthusiast won't be afraid to try out one of the more affordable ones. If you want to look up more detailed descriptions of the beers, like alcohol content, where they're made, what beer snobs grade them at, and whatever else you might've never known before drinking are links to the listings for each on beeradvocate... From Left to Right, in both the pictures above and below: Professor Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner Weisse, Oud Beersel Oude Gueuze Vieile, The Bruery's Orchard White, Saison Dupont, and Blanche De Bruxelles.

Here is a chart of shipping rates that hi-time does if you can't find these where you are. If you're in STL like me, our best bets for these are probably Randall's (I guess looking at their website I see that Chris from Skarekrau Radio works there! He's on some youtube show on their site called wine chat) or Whole Foods (the beer guy there is nice), but I've found the Schnuck's on Arsenal to have an exceptional selection of beers. If you do make an order from hi-time, make sure to put in a nice word about the article or Alejandro in the special instructions or something!
This is just the OUTSIDE of the walk in beer cooler at hi-time:

Their wine bar where they hold all sorts of tastings all the time, check their site for listings:
He's really enthusiastic about Saisons...I think that's what's really going on in this picture. The choices in pictures probably weren't the best, and poor Alejandro's glasses were taped together because the same week he was told by the optometrist that his prescription is too high for the new frames he got to replace the broken ones, so I guess he didn't wear them during the shoot, but I think he looks cute anyways. So cute it makes me giggle every time I see it, haha.

Ps- Is anyone else slightly repulsed by the article's repetitive use of the word "suds" to describe beer? Kinda reminds me of opening my mouth in a drive thru car wash. Yuck.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This looks almost as daunting as heaven.

At the Dallas fort worth (because you're worth it!) airport. I already
want to go back to California. I fell asleep after we prepared for
landing, after a really excellent flight that consisted of a bunch of
sleeping people, the movie UP (plus some tears), a bloody mary (I said
yes when my flight attendant asked if I wanted two!) and vigourously
reading "are you there vodka? it's me Chelsea." by Chelsea Handler,
and then immediately after deboarding I went to the store looking to
buy "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" (her new book that debuted at #1 on
the nytimes bestseller) but instead ended up buying a deck of cards
for Christine Edwards that warns people not to mess with Texas (damn
straight, it's where I got hit by a car last year!) a postcard I plan
on writing to my new friend Mariah (see candy sniper in my blogroll to
your right) complaining that the cowboy boots and hat are photoshopped
onto the bull and that just makes me want to eat its hangar steak
dangling from its chest. Let's hope all this Chelsea Handler reading
doesn't make me meaner, I can already feel it rubbing off on me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010




STLTODAY posted 50 fun facts on the awesome structure in the Missouri Botanical Gardens
I'll keep it short and sweet: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIMATRON!!!!!

Auto Tune Cats

Chest hair shapes

In my own experiences with chest hair shape grooming [see HULKAMANIAC post here] I've come across another post on interesting chest hair shapes. It's worth a look.

Baby Kangaroo Swimming!

The other night Alejandro played a show at this tiny bar where I started to get nervous because I didn't know anyone except our old friend Nolan Hall who is super duper rad but I haven't seen him since I was maybe 17-18 so I wasn't sure if he would recognize me even though we are friends on facebook, but luckily he did and I had someone to talk to for a while. He said he just got back from an Australian trip shooting photos for vans and their surfriders, and he said that he went to a kangaroo petting zoo where one kangaroo was taller than he was when it stood up (he is TALL! You can maybe see in videos that I'll post below the cute kangaroo video of the band he's a member of, The Japanese Motors, I've written about them would be easier to show if I just had a picture of me standing next to him, but unfortunately I left my camera charger in STL and it died) and they were all really cool except they said not to touch the joey while it's in the pouch, and stuff like that. He said he shot some footage of the petting zoo, but he hasn't done anything with it yet and this swimming roo is hilariously adorable enough to tell the story right now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I did with the first iPad I saw

Watched big cat videos on a big screen...duh!!!!
Here's the video I was watching:
If you've never heard of Savannah Cats, they are pretty rad and I want to meet one in real life so I can play with it so bad.
Magic (above 18 months old), a Savannah, was confirmed in Sept of 2009 as the largest domestic cat in the world...see his breeder's site here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taco Tuesday!

My brother Ryan and our friend Christine hanging out at a harbor view
park with gnarly aloe plants and enjoying the sunshine and coastal
breeze! How stoked am I that so far the first two out of five days I
have to be available for jury duty they haven't needed me, so I didn't
even have to wake up at 7 am and wait outside a courthouse!
They are pooling their knowledge of the dollar taco places on Tuesday
for lunch.

Everyone's Scrambling to get Coachella Tickets Here

My brother tweeted a link to this craigslist posting, saying "I guess desperate times call for desperate measures...too funny!" and since I know that the link is going to get flagged pretty soon I'm sure, I took a screenshot for you guys. Everyone is trying to go to coachella last minute and then finding out that they should just plan ahead and buy them early next year because they're upwards of $300.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

With A Girl Like You

I got a 45 of this song at Record Exchange at half price before I left St Louis to come on my Jury Duty California Stay and I've never thought to look up the video, but I love this song.

ONE GOT FAT: bicycle safety gone psychedelic

I can't believe I've never posted this video. I first saw this short when Anya and I worked weekend nights at City Museum and for part of the evening for a short time during whatever summer it was that our museum director decided that we should project old safety films in the parking lot, and it was a pretty sweet post to get to man the projector, because it took like 3 people to set it up because there was a lot of climbing and maneuvering extension cords through Monstrocity and then once all that was done you could chill out and sort of half watch the movies and halfway try to control the craziness that happens in the ball pit after 9 pm or dissuade people's shotty sneaking in tactics or whatever...tangent! Anyways, this is a bicycle safety film that is pretty bizarre, mostly advises you to defunct practices (ie: getting a license, I'm not talking about the good advice of regularly checking your tire pressure before you set out on a ride) and worth watching all the way through. Enjoy! Don't turn into a monkey!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


My good friend Allie that I went to high school with (also a vegan) took my mom and I to a vegan vietnamese food place in Orange County (but apparently they also have other locations, including one in CHICAGO, midwestern friends!) called THE LOVING HUT and I was so impressed!!!!!

Allie got vegan Pho and it was like when I ordered the pho with 10 meats and then I got it and immediately was regretting that I wasted things I didn't want to eat because I was kinda grossed out by either what they were (tripe) or what their texture was (Vietnamese meatballs: they are so dense! I'm too used to italian american meatballs that have all the filler of breadcrumbs and stuff, not that are the texture similar to hot dogs!) and it had all of those things only you didn't have to think about where it came from because it didn't come from some gross part of an animal--it was all synthesized by things like some sort of frilly clearish seaweed (that I really wish I would've gotten a picture of, it was unbelievable...) that had the exact color and texture of the weird stomach lining or intestine or whatever thing that is gross to me that no matter how clean it is it's still kinda weird to eat that they put in pho with 10 meats but you don't have to think about it being gross because, it's just a plant from the sea! I like seaweed salad! I tasted the broth before she put any add ons in it, and it tasted just as savory and oily as regular pho! I would definitely eat it again!

Apparently they are part of some sort of subculture with cult status with a leader that from what I could tell of the video that was running with subtitles in like EVERY language, is an Asian lady with bleach blonde hair and whose first book was called "The Dogs in My Life" and in the store they had a copy of "The Birds in My Life" and that's all I'm gonna say about it opinion wise, you can read about the rest on the Wikipedia entry on Supreme Master Ching Hai if you want to. Everything tasted excellent and the service was top notch, and our bill was under $40 for the 3 of us, including tip, plus I brought my leftovers to Alejandro at his work after we left. It was awesome and I want to try more things on the menu.

The vegan pho:
My mom's vermicelli with fake grilled charbroiled brown "meat" (SO TENDER!) and egg rolls:
My spicy soup (I don't remember what it's called, sorry...I just wanted to clear my sinuses!):
A closeup of the fake meatball (they cut them in half and I actually took a bite out of it too before I took the picture):

Friday, April 9, 2010

Morning Flight

I like how there is so much helvetica in the airport, especially in
the American Airlines wing since they use it in their logo. I like how
the way this shot Is framed because the wolfgang puck sign almost just
looks like it could say "fuck", but most of all I like how I checked
out what kind of people might be drinking at the bar this early and
there were only breakfastgoers. It's the airport, it almost guarantees
hours and hours of responsibility free time, even if you have work to
do on your laptop. Even so, this might be too early for me to Get a
bloody Mary on the plane. Maybe.
Or maybe on my connecting flight. It just doesn't seem right since I
get in to John Wayne Airport at noon! Maybe I'll get one If I wanna
nap. Too bad I don't have a coupon for a free one.
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