Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Neckface tag at the thrift store!!

I wish I hung out with him when he was in st louis, I recently found
out he is only one year older than me. Ask Wikipedia who is Neck Face?

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hey, so I turn 24 on WEDNESDAY, MAY 26th. FBC PROM is THURSDAY, so let's use that as an excuse to ride bikes, have fun, dress up, and celebrate my bday. If you're gonna make me a card or get me a present, make sure it either fits in my backpack, or give it to me another time. If you want to buy me a bday drink, and I say "raincheck?" don't be offended because I do not want to be too drunk to ride my bike in a short dress. Above is my party dress, it matches my hair! At the bottom of this post are links to fun pics from past FBC Proms.

Someone planning to go for the first time asked me about prom etiquette and dress yesterday & I said that I recommend a few things:
Some people wear helmets, some don't, but you're not going to get made fun of for protecting your noggin. I will especially not make fun of you, since I always bring my helmet after I broke my skull from getting hit by a car while on my bike sans helmet.
•FILL YOUR TIRES WITH AIR! Take your bike to one of several friendly neighborhood bike shops (I can recommend one if you comment) for a check up if you haven't ridden in a while. Any small thing can be wrong with your bike if you don't ride often...your wheel could be "out of true" or bent, your gears could stick while shifting, your break cables could be rusty/break blocks worn down, but a flat is the easiest to avoid. There are people that come on the rides (nice bike mechanics) with tires and tubes and patch kits and stuff, but if you get a flat and they help you, do something nice for them besides just thanking them, like slip em a 5 or 10 dollar bill (depending on how long your bike takes to fix) plus ask them how much the materials they use on your bike costs or offer to buy them a nice beer or mixed drink at the final prom stop. Your ride will be so much more fun and easier on you if you have your bike properly maintained beforehand, I promise.
CARRY CASH, If we end up at a bar, the bartenders are going to be flipping out that there are a bazillion people there, and TIP THEM NICELY, they most likely didn't expect to have 300 people in their bar that night! I'm pretty sure there's an ATM at the bar across the street from Turtle Park if you forget this one till you meet up with everyone. Oh yeah, and speaking of bartenders, they get in trouble when you bring in outside beers which means you get kicked out. Keep em in your bag or drink em in the alley/parking lot if you got em! This one's important.
Wear something you can bike in/won't get caught in your chain/someone else's spokes/cause a crash. Lee, who writes the blog, is a huge fan of proper footwear, because if you don't wear comfy shoes, it limits the amount of fun you and your friends will have.
Shop at the thrift store: things get torn, beer gets spilled/spit on you, keep a thick skin and maybe a few bandaids. You might cut an old bridesmaid's dress into a short skirt/tuxedo pants into shorts so you can bike in it, but definitely choose your shoes and outfit based on how comfortable you'll be biking you know, anywhere from 5-15 miles in, dancing until 1:30 am, biking some more and dancing till 3 am, then biking all the way home or have a backup of people you can call (or a taxi) to pick you and your bike up in case you crash, in either the I'm sleepy or the I'm bloody sense.
If I scared you about the mileage, don't worry, we go slow..."It's a party, not a race" might be something you'll hear. 
Fulfilling your wacky dreams at proms never gone to is super rad...go in drag, go stag, go in a costume bring a same sex date...anything goes! 
Bring at least a buddy and proper bike may start at 7:30, but you want to be seen by cars when you're biking home in the dark!
Talk to strangers on the ride...make friends that are biking back to your neck of the woods after the party's over! I can't tell you how many times I get asked "is anyone biking back to turtle park/tower grove park/the loop/the hill/your neighborhood" and a lot of people will at least know who to recommend you talk to if you ask early enough. TRY NOT TO wait until the very end of the night to ask people this...then it gets annoying and more difficult to hook you up with a buddy to ride with.
If you're underage, prepared to go home early if we go to a bar: On the underwear ride 2 years ago, Cole and I overheard a conversation that went like "I told my parents I was staying at your house. My dad would kill me if he knew what intersection we were at right now at this time of night!" which not only implied that they were under 21 and couldn't go to the bar, but further implied that they were young enough to be under their parents' rule or under 18, and while we don't discourage all ages riders, I do encourage that you use the buddy system, carry cell phones, try not to carry anything illegal....I don't know...the asking people on the ride about safe bike routes home is SUPER KEY for anyone that doesn't know the city that well, but especially for young college students, etc...because of this, I don't recommend these rides for those under 18, but if you must, please don't do anything stupid and make the cops hate us, and take precautions to not be alone and not know where you are. Don't make waves.
RIDE IN ONE LANE as much as possible. We don't want cars to hate us. We aren't critical mass. We are cylists who want to have fun, but we also ride on the road on other days, and if you hear people behind you shouting "ONE LANE!" or "CAR BACK!" then that's what that means...all cycles in one lane. Like a school of fish.
BRING A TRASHBAG in your backpack. The FBC HATES LITTERBUGS. Especially when it causes a crash. You won't believe how many new friends you'll make if you have a basket/milk crate/pannier rack with some sort of designated trash receptacle on your bike. It's just as good as sharing your beer...I'm not even joking. 
Be prepared to ride your bike around 300 other people. I'm not joking about this either. This ride and the underwear ride are the two biggest rides, and big rides also means lots of inexperienced riders. Watch your back, and if you get separated from your buddies, find safe ways to pass/slow down or meet up with them at one of the stops we usually do every few miles in parking lots or parks or rest areas! 

OK So now that we've gotten all that outta the are links to pictures of the last two years and if you have any, post a link in the comments to share!

See previous FBC PROM to refer to how much fun it is:
"Gold"- May 2009, where I went while I was still in my neckbrace (yes there is a picture of Ali and I on the blog) and I went with the DJ instead of riding my bike because I wasn't allowed to in my neckbrace.
"Way More Fun than a Real Prom"- May 2008, where I went in a turquoise leotard, purple sparkle tights, a panda backpack (which never recovered from the smell of dancing and biking all night) and about 3 sets of hot pink and purple heart print knee and elbow pads and Piper (who does my hair) went in men's tightey whiteys, knock-off Ray Ban Wayfarers, and a pastel 80s yuppie button up a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business...she won prom queen. 
"We Had Fun Again... What a Surprise"  
My friend Charlie's 2008 pics
My compiled 2008 pics

See you on Thursday at 7:30 at Turtle Park? 

My friend Liz has these tires on her fixie

They look like a whiz of color as she bikes by! I forget where she got
them from, but I think it was somewhere in Chicago. So jeal!

Slant Ruled RULZ

Tired of always writing sideways? 
Not anymore! There's a slant ruled notebook you can get!

I want one, [DESIGNED BY]

This might make your whole day.

It looks like this girl is a primordial dwarf, which makes me so excited, because I've watched sad documentaries on TLC interviewing primordial dwarfs that made me cry because the cutest little girl was moody because all tweens are moody and on top of that she was going through a stage where she really hated her genetic disorder, and then she met the oldest living primordial dwarf (who's sadly only in her 40s from what I remember) and even though she looked kinda like she had little kid prejudices about how hard she was to understand because her two front teeth were way bigger than the rest of her teeth, you could tell that it really made a difference in her life to talk about how shitty it is to be a tween from someone who went through it AS her, not someone who will never know what it's like to feel the angst she feels on top of being her. I'm kind of tearing up thinking about it right now. What a wimp I am.

I've dreamt about what it would be like to hang out with someone with primordial dwarfism because they're so tiny and their voices are so tiny, and I'm so tall and loud; and here I am today subscribing to this girl on youtube who makes and edits awesome videos starring her little nugget self! I love little girls who make music videos or choreographs very literal dance moves to songs she likes because I was a young girl like that too! She has like 7 channels on youtube! She favorites twilight related videos! She vlogs! I subscribed to all of them! Get excited! 



wow, this image goes so nicely with the color scheme of my blog!


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Vicodin Necklace and Ring

Now I don't condone abusing Rx drugs because mostly abusing drugs just turns people into hurtful assholes, but this one sure helped me out when I was injured and it was prescribed to me, so it's nice to see this idea that gets overused (using Rx drugs in art) done in a nice way and photographed nicely too.

single topic blog punk explosion in yo face

I'm not even going to bother looking for a picture to post from all of the real blogs. Instead, I'm going to pick on my friend Mariah a little and post some old pictures from her myspace (which I like how now that no one has deleted but no one updates their myspace now except for I guess some people I know, so it's become some weird time's mine) of her cats and dreadlocks and stuff...then I'll link you to each one pump chump single topic punk themed blog and you'll get it. I have a feeling this never ends.


I THINK THAT'S ABOUT IT. PHEW OMG I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO O.D. ON PUNK BAND LOGOS. NEVAAAH! PS- I met both of those little kittens and they are big now and they have no tails and they are so cute! I <3 Hyper Magic and Jack!


GUTTER PUNKS, THAT IS. I CAN'T STOP FINDING PUNK BLOGS. Um, and I hope my mom just ignores this one in her google buzz, because it's the 2nd time I've posted an image referencing to oral sex today. I'm almost done looking at the entire archives of the punks i'd like to fuck blog.


AFTER going through 25 pages of this girl's tumblr blog, I finally bookmarked it. [VARLUF]

Kinda like Santa only rearranged

I'm kinda stoked on this image, but I forgot where I found it.

Tonight I'm gonna listen to this puppy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

woah octopussy

via here

Puppy kissing a dolphin

Ali's sister in ELLE

Ali's rad sister is in this month's ELLE magazine. She is one of my favorite creative people in general.


While we're still talking about punks

I found a blog called punks is hippies that chronicles a lot of old zines and rad shit like that. DO IT.


Whaddababe. There was an image on there that looked like my friend Luc and I called him at 3 am to tell him so. Good thing it's the weekend and he's a bartender! I love a good cat blog.


Shepard Fairey's May Day mural at Deitch Projects already bombed

You might know Shep from the Obama poster , or from OBEY , but he's currently showing at Deitch Projects in NYC and part of the exhibit was this mural on this historic graffiti wall, and someone painted over it like, 2 weeks after it went up, and it was scheduled as part of the month long exhibit, only the mural was supposed to last all through 2010! Read more about it:
[history of the wall]
[Deitch's site, info on the exhibit]
[first tagging over]

Friday, May 21, 2010


Wow, I went to the AIGA website just to gather a link, but ended up clicking on an article because of a pretty picture (Below) and read an article that pretty much explains why I hate doing my homework. It also has a reference to Rapper's Delight. 


Why haven't I thought of this before?

Of all the times I've done sharpie knux tats, kerning only came up as a joke when Mariah took a pic of the unicornz while we were drunk on her birthday... But never kerning and the word itself in tattoo form. Hm. I dunno if I could make it permanent but I bet it'd get a laugh at an AIGA conference. Either that or art people would think it's a nod to Richard Kern...


An awesome compilation video I watched today.

Speaking of babies, does anyone else feel totally weird about wanting to see that movie BABIES so bad? It's making me feel like I have to see it in secret in order not to look completely baby crazy. Because I'm not, I don't need a new Mirena til 2012, which I kinda dig the coincidence.

single topic blog alert: PUNKS I'D LIKE TO FUCK


My only problem with this single topic blog is that most of the punks I feel attracted to on this site are women, and as a straight female, I guess I can't really do anything about that. Most of the boys I want to give them a bath. I will admit that it kinda made me slightly excited that my boyfriend's email address is assumedly the same one he's had for years and it's a CRASS reference hehe. I also recently found a research paper I wrote about CRASS when my friend Brooke Moore and I repeated 9th grade english in the summer after our 10th grade year. I'll have to scan in the funny illustration at the end as a bonus update later, I promise.


CP Pinball

My friend RØB turned 29 and a bunch of us ventured to South Roxana, IL which seemed to be almost entirely comprised of an oil refinery, homes for the people that work there, and the bar that was next to the CP Pinball place we went to use the ATM at. The bar was playing all Johnny Cash which was cool, but of course I was a little nervous about walking into a small town bar with purple hair...and sho nuff this guy went "guh guh guhguh Purrrr pulll hairrrr!" and I just went to the ATM and Ann Hubbard (who took the above picture and several others which you can see on her site) and we got outta there and went to play pinball. It's kinda made me pinball crazy and want to only go drinking at the Silver Ballroom except now having a long distance boyfriend has turned me into an old lady who's obsessed with going to places on the Rewards Network so I can earn frequent flier miles. Anyways, check out CP Pinball, and invite RØB and me along to open play nights if there's a party headed there! OH YEAH AND IT'S BYOB!!!!! RULES SO HARD! Here are some videos about the place:

PS- there was a HUMMER there with a GWAR license plate and I hoped it was the real GWAR! Check out my old post from when I saw them live!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My nail polish right now


If you love saying AWWWW and seeing cute animals with sad faces, this blog is for you. The real question is: Who is this blog NOT for? This is the background image for one of the shared computers at work:

coincidence or destiny?


I've said before in an old post that (I think) one of my bosses at White Flag owns this Brian Ulrich photograph, and I just saw it on a new single topic blog a friend told me about the other day that is all about awkward moments your parents put you in that are captured on camera. So here you go: 


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cool type, cool bike silkscreen

type and bike poster via I Love Dust


Heard this on the radio the other day

The Byrds- All I really want to do

Animal Cuddle Puddle

I keep fwding this to my friends which is usually my filter of what to post on my blog, so yeah. These are my friend Lynn and her roommate's animals. They all came flocking to me when I laid down on her bed and it made me giggle.

I have purple hair now

Ann took some really rad pictures of me when we went to CP Pinball for RØB's birthday last night, I can't wait to post them. I can often be spotted wearing matching purple pants lately. It's also too bright to turn up accurately on my iPhone camera for some turns out blue! Isn't that weird? I can't wait till it fades to lavender.
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