Monday, June 28, 2010

Another HTML mailer finished

Reminds me of that episode of Arrested Development when Tobias is trying to get that acting gig on a commercial for a FIRE SALE! and Lindsey walks in and says "What? They're having a FIRE SALE?!" and gets the job instead. SPARKLERS! PYROTECHNICS!

Lucky for you we kick off this sale with select mercahndise in every category at 25% off! All through July we'll be marking items down to make room for new fall arrivals! Come in and see us at 6394 Delmar, in the heart of St Louis's Delmar Loop.
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Is it bad that I like his outfit?

I also like that all the related videos are like "OMFG WTF FAT ASS BABY SMOKING A CIG!" except for these little girls. Vlogging is a family activity. Vloggers are very opinionated about this video, it's kinda funny. Ali loves fat things so I bet she will love this baby and try to write a letter to adopt it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010



I'LL SUPPLY THE LOVE (and love confession to a record store)

My friend just put on a TOTO record and this song fucking rules. I've bought some rad records while I've been here, found a lot of stuff I've been looking for at pretty reasonable prices at the tiny gem that is FACTORY RECORDS in Costa Mesa, CA. I try not to only buy stuff that I can't find in St Louis or that I've been looking for for a while so that it's worth taking back in my suitcase, and the first time I went there, I spent 75 bucks and today I spent 23 bucks, and I've got a good stack of stuff. There's a compilation that I want to go back and get too, the girl on the car on the cover is wearing the same kind of mega high waisted stretchy shiny pants that I have 3 pairs of.

Dave Noise (the proprietor, and he used to run a rad record store called NOISE NOISE NOISE that I went to as a teenager) is awesome, helpful, not snobby, and he writes really earnest and accurate mini reviews/descriptions on pretty much any record that is worth listening to in the store, unless he hasn't gotten to it, and he will throw stuff on for you if you're curious about what it sounds like and it's just like listening to records with your best friends. Oh, and he usually gives you discount coupons for return customers! AND they have a bazillion 45s that, like a lot of record stores, are kinda jumbled and what not, but most of them are priced at NINE CENTS.
[Friend them on facebook]

Maybe I should put up more of what I got now that I made this toto song sound so rad and it's not actually the best descriptor of all the awesome shit I got there, I just felt like posting it on my blog because I was into it. My brother took a lot of pictures of me shopping there so I'll probably just write about them again later. I also got these really rad vintage California postcards and if you like postcards, let me know because I have been itchin to buy me some stamps and send these babies off!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


KITTEN WEARING A TINY HAT ICE CREAM PLACE IS SO CLOSE YET SO FAR AWAY. I haven't taken a trip up to LA yet except for just going there for a show and I want to see my friends that live up there but I don't have a car to borrow :(

First time home owners commercial

So my mom is renting for the first time in like 30 years and remembering what it's like (read: how annoying it is) to have a landlord again, and I have a few friends that are first time homeowners, so I've been meaning to post this because I've been trying to reference it and no one watches as many commercials as I do apparently.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cool Tandem Surf Practice Pictures

I wish I were small enough to do stuff like this around big strong men with impeccable balance. Only in dreams! Or if I meet an Andre the Giant!

photographs by au revoir Shoshana

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Brother at The Wedge

I'll explain later when I have more energy why The Wedge is a legendary surfer favorite spot, but I had a really wonderful day with my brother Ryan today.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Picture My Brother Took of me at age 16

For his first photography class...why do I look older there than I do now is what I wanna know...

I want these pyramid prisms!


In Honor of the World Cup

See who is who and more detailed pictures where I found it via If it's hip it's here

Team Zizzou Snowman for Taylor

I'm unpacking boxes at my mom's new house and finding all sorts of
stuff that goes to the thrift store


Sometimes I take pictures of my tv screen and forget to post them. This one I found here.


I Like that the person who posted about this on Gizmodo wants to "stamp random pretty people's asses" and that there's a comment about someone wanting a "retweet" stamp.


It's ironic that I'm writing this while I'm spending a month away from St Louis. I guess you could call it being homesick. My friend and fellow blogger Jeff posted that he wants to see all his St Louis readers submit something to that site, and I'd like to ask the same of mine! I might take a while to do mine, or maybe I'll just submit my South St Louis posters that I made a while back.




Saturday, June 12, 2010

Seeing this made me unplug my laptop, ha.

Yes, typography, I will listen to most anything you say if you are pretty! via design you trust

Does this count as a virtual missed connection?

Woah so a while ago I did a post on this woman who does illustrations based on Craigslist Missed Connections that she reads, and today I clicked on the wrong link and it ended up being a featurette on the same woman!

Beer design is the new redesign a wine bottle homework

Somehow it feels more refreshing than Wine....maybe I'm saying this because I like beer better, but more likely because there is more variety of bottle shape or can size. Here are some good examples of beer designs I've come across and really stuck with me:

this one, via the dieline reminded me that I need to blog about this:

This one stuck in my mind from a student design awards in (I think) CMYK magazine (maybe but I could be wrong) and made me take note and google the girl that designed it, from JustAJar Design Press:

My only problem with it is that a wooden beer box would get ridiculously heavy if you had to carry them in any amount more than one.

AND FINALLY (DRUMROLL!) THE REAL ONE!!!!! MILLER HIGH LIFE GOT A SUPER SLEEK REDESIGN!!!!!!!! News via the beer cooler in my neighborhood 7-11 and pretty pictures via the dieline:

Ah, I feel more refreshed already. 

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

dude's flickr. this reminded me of that:

My brother brought me breakfast

Banzai Bowls in Costa Mesa, CA

Allie the dog is excited to wake me up

She's 12 and still kind of acts like a puppy, or a puppy that can't
remember if she's outside to pee or to play.

Only in the OC

Impulse buy pet health insurance at the grocery store checkout!

Pirate shirt

Mariah works for a pirate clothing company and this is the kind of stuff they were making before she was their designer hehe.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I made this today: Introducing Nümph at Ziezo

So I've been hired to design the HTML email marketing for the women's boutique Ziezo in the Loop area of St Louis, (between Star Clipper and Blueberry Hill) and today I worked on the 2nd one I've made so far to introduce a new designer they carry in the store and I was having all sorts of issues with the test emails I was sending myself because the way the image was sliced up was all weird (my blog is doing the same thing, you can see it below) and the code Dreamweaver/Photoshop wrote was a mess and I had to fix it, and the test emails I was sending to my Gmail account were coming up all spaced out even though it said in the code that there shouldn't be any spaces, but it was displaying correctly on my email inbox on my phone, so it made no sense because it previewed in two different browsers absolutely fine...

So I just went back and put the slices in places that make sense with the image I made so that it looks cool even if it fucks up, or at least don't run right through anyone's face. Done and done. 

I guess I'll just have to account for that in the future as a rule since everyone's inbox is different, integrate the slices into places that make sense in the design...Now that I'm getting the hang of working with the iContact site that the store owner uses, I'm kind of into this, I want more freelance jobs like this. The only thing that really kinda bothers me about sites like iContact and Constant Contact is that there isn't necessarily an awesome way to typeset the text that accompanies the HTML image unless you integrate it into the image. I guess I'll bridge that gap when I do more of them.

The clothing company they're featuring as a new designer we carry has some really crazy awesome prints so check out their website (linked below in the message) if you're into fashion or patterns or whatever. Just felt like talking about it on the blog because I figured out some stuff. Oh yeah! If anyone who reads this is on any well designed or consistently awesome email lists, tell me in the comments what site/store it's for, I wanna sign up so I can keep up with the trends and fill my inbox with pretty emails!

We are proud to start carrying Nümph, a Danish line we chose for their artful nature inspired prints, playful colors, and unique tailoring that's sure to flatter many shapes! Come see all the styles we're carrying this summer in the heart of St Louis's Delmar Loop.
Read more about Nümph's story, vision, the seven talented young designers that make up the company, and what else they do at Nü!
Follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook to be the first to hear about sales, promos, and new merchandise!

Mariah's Nailz

She wrote "METAL" on one hand and upside down crosses on the other.
Pretty Spiffy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Cat Blog alert: DREAMCATS!

A few of my favorite things are in this picture: Kittens and TIGHTS! That's why I chose it to tell you about this Dreamcats blog my friend Noams told me about! Czech it out!


Monday, June 7, 2010


Polaroids taken by Franki Chan of IHEARTCOMIX!, and of being an awesome houseguest...I mean, who could resist that cute face and all those fireworks? thanks for letting me scan them!

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