Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kinda Brilliant

I looked at this video because it said "white people learn to like ariel pink" and I like Ariel Pink's music a lot, although I don't have much of his new stuff after about 2006...I also really love shitty special effects and awkward party scenes in movies. I forgot where I found it, I think off of a friend's facebook post. I'll look when I have some time to see if that guy has any other good videos.


This was kind of my experience at the DMV the other day. I'm not looking forward to going back, except I sort of am because I want to register my new car. If you haven't heard of or seen the show Little Britain, you should really check it out, it's pretty funny.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wear a seatbelt!

What movie was that in where the mom drops off the kid and says "wear a condom" instead of telling him to wear his seatbelt? This post reminded me of that. Zelda Rubenstein reminds me of my Grandma Reilly.

I also found a picture of Debbie Harry flashing the camera!

Via a village voice post that seems to actually have nothing to do with the picture except to trick you into reading it.

I found a cool picture of Debbie Harry on an even cooler blog completely dedicated to COVER VERSIONS OF SONGS.

Some of you may know this, (I know I've never posted about it on this blog) but when I was a 3rd grader I wanted to form a band called THE COPYCATS and I made up a logo for it and everything. Sadly no one else shared my weird usually later in life dream to have a cover band, but I've still kind of wanted to have an excuse to sing cover versions of songs under that name. Coincidentally, I was also very very very obsessed with Blondie's Greatest Hits album at this age. Here is the post I found with this rad pic of Debbie Harry in a comptuer screen.



I guess I didn't take any pictures (that were in focus at least) last year at Everything Is Terrible Live for the first movie, but this year I made sure to. This time we took pictures with the aliens that present their movies and assumedly partake in the production as well. Actually, first I will post the picture I took of them on stage in November 09 because then you all can see how much radder their costumes got on their "The Quest For The Magick Crystal" Summer 2010 Tour. Both tours screened at Antarctica and were very awesome.

This year, Ann, me, and Ali all tipped our shades for them:

Then the alien collected shades and got poked in the eye:

And this girl made them cookies:

SINGLE TOPIC BLOG ALERT: WHAT COURTNEY WORE TODAY plus a nostalgic tale from my teenage showgoing days because someone from my past showed up

So, funny story...My awesome friend Christine invited me to go see HOLE for free and life's been so crazy that I said yes yes yes because it sounded like a great night out away from insurance paperwork and family activities and drama in general. Before going to the show, I got a wall post on facebook from my good friend from high school saying "I'm in St Louis, I have the same number!" (which I only remembered the area code to) and nothing else, so I had to get all sluethy on her and find out that she works for Courtney Love's management...

After the show I asked the guys in the band if they knew her and if she was coming down and I wasn't really sure what her job was or anything (and I guess I'm still not entirely) and one of the guys on the tour was like "oh yeah, but she's not gonna be able to come down for a while, she's like glued to Courtney's side until she says she can leave it." So I guess she is something like her personal assistant or something crazy involved and committed, which I thought was hilarious because she was a wild and crazy teenager who was hard to wrangle, and now she can't party too hard because she's gotta stay on her toes to keep up with CLo. I see it as somewhere between T's dream job and karma for being such a little wild one in high school. 

Unfortch I only got to see her for about 10-15 minutes and then their tourbus had to take off at 12:30 am to get to Chicago, but it was super duper good to see her and hug her. I wish we could've connected during their day off so that we could've hung out for a bit longer than 15 minutes, but I guess when you work for a headlining musician you take what you can get and don't complain about not being able to see your high school friend who lives in the town you have a day off in. 

Below is a picture of T, Ivy, and I (the tall one) at Tower Records (now torn down) at a Lou Reed signing in 2003 I think. While we were outside in line, we also saw Ron Jeremy walking down the street on the other side of Sunset Blvd. If you can see closely enough, T is conveniently placed on Lou Reed's lap, which he actually requested that she sit there for the photo-op and then apparently kind of groped her and said something creepy, but we weren't creeped out because we all loved The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed way too much. These are the kinds of adventures we'd go on, so let your imagination run a little wilder and you might get close to the kind of trouble she (and Ivy) got me into as a teenager. This picture was taken on my first cell phone camera, which was a lime green Nokia with the buttons arranged in a circle like it was a rotary telephone. Some of these stories involving T are so crazy I don't even like telling them, or at least they might sound like I was lying or bragging if I did, or maybe I remember how much my parents yelled at me afterwards, so let's just leave it at that and say "Someday"...

Anyways, a fun perk of her job is that she is one of the main writers on CLo's new fashion blog, What Courtney Wore Today, and you can see that CLo announced on her twitter that T was workin on helping T launch it. Personally, I have a hard time relating to the high price tag items she wears, but whatevs, CLo is a superstar, and T's always had expensive designer tastes even since I met her at age 15.  I guess I have a reason to read CLo's blog now and follow her on twitter too.
I chose to feature this picture because it not only shows a pretty rad outfit that I'm pretty sure I could come up with the "under $25" version of (hey, pretty easy to do when you don't have to worry about putting shoes on!) and she kinda reminds me of that epic picture of Debbie Harry in the Vulture Tshirt but also the backstage view shows the rad TelePrompTer disguised as stage mounted speaker housing that one of the dudes on her crew told me he designed and had fabricated. Pretty rad if you ask me. She may have been an hour late getting on stage at The Pageant in St Louis, but at least she'll never disappoint her crowd by forgetting a word of her lyrics! Good insurance makes for a good show I guess because I haven't been to another show where I danced as hard as I did when I was 17 in any recent memory, (except maybe when I saw Motorhead and my neck was sore for a week from too much headbanging, but that was not dancing) so maybe T was channeling our teenage showgoing energy at me from backstage. Love you, T.

Ps- Here's the only picture I took at the show...of a couple in front of me...the dude was holding her purse and she was on her blackberry while Hole was playing...hahahhahahaha

It's So Hot In St Louis

No one wants to do anything fun even though there's stuff going on, and if you do go do that stuff, it wears you out crazy fast. Just like this ice cream cone graffiti I found on someone's flickr.

Babely Bowlin with my friend DJ Trashtalk

I had a 3 beer meeting the other night and didn't feel like driving home from the loop yet so I went down to visit my friend DJ TRASHTALK/Brittany and her boy Nick (who I guess I forgot his DJ name, they both do the fancy software laptop and dance music thing instead of the vinyl thing I know how to do, and they DJ like several times a week I don't know how they do it) and ended up bowling two games with her, it was fun. It was also the day before my appointment for Laclede Gas to fix my building's gas leaks, so I look a little scrubby, but I had a lotta fun on a whim. See more pics from this night on her post about it.

HARLEM B of 'TELLIN' IT LIKE IT IS' as seen in the St Louis Evening Whirl has a blog and I found it!

If you're like Ali and me and you loved reading her column in the Evening Whirl but have been wondering where it's gone to lately, then I guess you might need to see that I've added her blog to my blogroll, conveniently located to the right of the posts under "I read your blog"...maybe you'll thank me later. 

If you go back a few pages of Older Posts she's got some pretty juicy stories...if that's your thing look for the posts that seem to be a regular feature called "Addicted To The Game" or how about "Ask Harlem" which also probably is a regular feature if you send her a question! Hope you guys find her writing as fun to read as I do! 

Oh, and if you're a regular on the Delmar Loop or South Grand, you might enjoy her post on CRAZY MIKE because I did! He is a sweet guy, I always say hey to him when I see him out, who knows when he might be riding his bike by on a night I'm walking to my car by myself and he could be a secret superhero and throw a punch at someone followin you about to mug you? Alright I admit that might be a little imaginative, but how many times has your car been broken into/stolen or your friends been mugged at weird hours coming home from the bar here in STL? Maybe it's not such a far fetched scenario after all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

today i saw a juggalo couple in real life

they had the worst tattoos i've ever seen. note the open shirt. and then my friend sent me the infomercial for 'the gathering'...its so long but so confusing my senses i watched the whole thing before bed. it was a big day for my mom, she got to learn about juggalos and read the evening whirl while we waited for AAA door open service at st louis city tow. it kind of was a nice anecdote from all the drama.
watch the juggalo infomercial it is really uh i dont know how to feel about being a human anymore after seeing that...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What is it called when you have a picture within a picture within a picture that goes til it gets too small etc

Because I tried to take one of those sort of with my photobooth and my reflective iPhone case and camera. It would've worked better if it could focus on the very tiny reflection. I wanna know the name of that effect. 

It's that kind of Sunday

I haven't had one in so long i'm so happy but now I'm gonna do this
zany illustration my dad requested of a cow running on a treadmill. I have no idea what the purpose or concept this serves in his presentation, but I'm trying to be a good daughter and just do it. I think Chilton is thinking, "Brakhage is so fat." and Brakhage is like "Did you really just say that out loud?"

One time I rode my bike on a freeway in the winter

It was a really fun full moon fiasco bike ride, and a really fun night. My friend Charlie took this picture of me on my bike and of more from that night, which you should check out for sure because later that night we set an entire cut down tree on fire in our friend John P's backyard, which only fueled my comparisons of him to Paul Bunyan. My pictures from that night are on my facebook, let's hope that link works for those of you that aren't friends with me or don't have an account...I guess you'll just have to sign up!

In contrast, one time RØB took a picture of me crying at FBC Prom, which was a lot of fun but I wore myself out being upset over boys being jerks, which got in the way of celebrating my 24th birthday...woops! I was kind of pissed when he took the picture but now I think it's kind of funny that it's on the internet. Life is hard right now but it's gonna get better.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebratory Beer Flight

This is how my brother and I celebrated my insurance claim settlement
finally going through after all that notarized paperwork. Now I can
replace my stolen car and stop driving a shitty rental next week!!!

Currently Watching Lindsay Lohan Road To Jail on E!

Did you see her infamous nail art??!?! link

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I sent a text to my friend Maggie tonight that told her that I think it would be awesome if she and I had a DJ night with her twin sister Kelly where we only play slow jams and sad songs that make people cry into their drinks and we call it FML. So seeing this tshirt was the icing on the cake.

UPDATE: Maggie says we should do it next time I'm in town and that we should call it Endless Bummer, which is a great nod to Endless Summer in a surf town. If anyone we know steals our idea I will personally beat them up.

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Ziezo email marketing work + getting excited about sparklers after the 4th of July!

Even though this is MY blog and my work I feel bad posting this on the blog because it doesn't seem as 'fun' as my other posts to ALL my readers since it's a women's clothing store and I'm pretty sure most of my readers are dudes unless you ladies just aren't speakin up and showing me love in the comments! But yeah, I kinda loved all these images of the sparklers so I wanted to share! Oh PS I promise I will get back to lots of posts when life calms down a bit, I'll explain later. In a nutshell, I got back from CA, had a family reunion, and oh yeah, my car was stolen while I was out of town so I'm dealing with insurance shit! UGH! TTYL LYLAS GUYS!

Our July EXPLOSIVE SALE just got even better! Spring apparel and shoes are now marked down up to 75% off! Come take advantage at 6394 Delmar, in the heart of St Louis's Delmar Loop.
Follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook to be the first to hear about sales, promos, and new merchandise!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Denim Babe City

Thanks for thinking of me Little C! I just bought a dress exactly like the one on the left! That sure looks like they had a talented wig hairdresser!
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