Sunday, August 29, 2010

Truck at the Festival of Nations

My nail polish this time

My teenage cousin tagged me in this photo

I love it. Thanks, Kev. It totally made me laugh! I love hamhams doing funny things! It kinda reminds me of Marcel the Shell with Shoes on saying things like "You know what I wear for a hat? A lentil" because this Hammie is like "You wanna know what I use for a broom? A spaghetti string!" Here, I'll just post the video anyways:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Freezerburn release party at foam


These people that just got married are doing a six week long cross country bike tour for their honeymoon and they are chronicling it on a blog called Kissing With Helmets. They got matching custom bikes made and custom head badges (which I totally bookmarked the site for because how amazing is that) and it's so cute and awesome I am so glad I found out about it this early on because I am totally going to follow the blog of their journey! The only thing I wonder about is if it's a honeymoon, I know that riding so much every day and sleeping in sleeping bags would require at least a LOT of chamois butter on bums to feel even remotely up for intimacy at the end of the day, but hey, maybe there's something I don't know and they are enjoying that part of their honeymoon as well! They have their whole lives, right?

Either way, I'm so following them (hubby and wifey) on Twitter. I hope that at some point during their six week trip, some cyclists come to "join them" on part of their journey or something, like when Forrest Gump just starts walking and ends up with a shit ton of people walking with him in solidarity. Yes,  I believe I really did just make a lame Forrest Gump reference and not hate myself for it because you know you've seen it too. I guess I shouldn't speak too soon because they actually appear to come pretty close to St Louis, and I guess it really could be possible to go cheer them on somewhere if I pay attention and have that day free! Anyways, here are some pictures I liked of what they have up so far, like their wedding cake that matches their bikes with pretty beautiful looking paint jobs (their inspiration) and dropouts and accessories and everything (!) and their route, and a picture of them:

oooh look even their rims match, the front one has the same green as the front of the bike, and the back one has the same pink as the back of the bike! I hope any of you finds this as cute and exciting as I do!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Does anyone else remember when this song was in SPICE WORLD (The Spice Girls Movie) and they were on a boat with these two little girls that won a contest to meet them and they were all dancing on this boat to this song and having a blast, then (if memory serves me correctly) Posh Spice like doesn't know how to drive the boat or something and they all fall in the water and then they get into trouble with their manager and the tabloids. Anyways, enjoy how totes adorbs Little Millie Smalls is!

"The Pied Piper" by Crispian St. Peter at New Music Express (NME the magazine) 1966!

I had a hard time finding a video where girls weren't screaming over him...he does look pretty tall and handsome. I kind of like this more timid version where he's on Finnish Television too and probably is lip syncing.



I really like this song by The Association.

Burglars caught from an iPhone Push Notification while TX family is on vacay

Here is a story on a 5 dollar iPhone app and a home surveillance camera sending a push notification of motion detected on their camera to a couple on vacation, which then prompted them to call 911 and catch those burglars. Pretty cool. If I could buy stock in this app right now I totally would because I feel like everyone that can afford it now will have one.

Turning a cat into KITTY LITTER

My friend Jen thought it was weird that I laughed that this because I love kitties so much, but I explained to her that while I think animal cruelty is no joke, I think this is ok to laugh at because it was caught on video and she's getting a ton of flack for it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I heard this TOTO song on the radio yesterday and now it won't get unstuck. I've even already posted about it this summer. I keep trying to think of how I can make this song better.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bat Van Missed Connection

My friend Lynn got a missed connection written about her van:

Alright, I'm always trying to break new ground in Karaoke...

I really like the animated smiley hearts...and the shirtlessness maybe...can anyone else hear a word he's saying? It's all like "nipples,....wannabe cowboys....forklift.....chest hair....rock n roll....shirtless...." did he say anything else? Please do not mistake this distractedness for attraction. I am not within 5-7 years of his age group so I don't even qualify. JK. I think I had a friend from Chicago who's mom was really into this karaoke website...I wonder if this is why? Who wants to prank call him? His number is in the video description...

Just in case you don't know how the original version sounds...Ps- do Brian Ferry's teeth kinda creep anyone else out?

Monday, August 23, 2010

My mom is really hilarious lately

My dad (impulse/remorse) bought her an iPad for "her birthday" (which was in June) but really because he bought a motorcycle (I didn't even ask what kind because last time I talked to my dad about motorcycles I was horrified to find that he thought those three wheeled ones looked cool!) and I guess he was trying to get out of a "well why the hell do you get to have a new toy?" conversation with the wife, and that's how my dad's brain works....TWO expensive new toys instead of refraining from any or limiting it to one!

Anyways, it's obvious she's playing with her fun new toy with my brother, because look at this email she sent me and made me laugh so hard. I don't even remember making jokes about bears with my mom or my brother but man do I love the idea of bears! Definitely watch the video below the picture, I can't believe I've never posted it before!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby du rag

Have been meaning to post this for a long time. Look how cute that
baby thug is!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yum yum tiger squirrel

Thrift store knicknacks

Today i'm on sort of a take your daughter to work day with my friend
who sells stuff on eBay for a living, i'm excited. Right now we're at
kind of a janky salvation army auction and I kinda have coffee tummy
but i'm having fun.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm excited about the Gateway Cup, even if there is no loop race this year, it's so fun to watch with so many spectators and cheering and beer and higher stakes and labor day and I missed it last year but went the year before and it was fun! I'm even more excited about the boy in the promo video! WhoooooOOoooOOOooo I seriously almost wrote gateway cute as the title of this post because I am that distracted.

Gateway Cup 2010 from Brian Cummings on Vimeo.
Promo spot for the 2010 Gateway Cup Criterium Cycling Event. Top racing event in the Midwest.

Art Direction : Brian Cummings
Camera Work : Brian Cummings / Matt Marcinkowski / Paul Nordman
Editing : Paul Nordmann
Music : Lance Thomas
Talent : Alex Grman


My friend Jeremy Kannappdie sent me this video, I think he has me pretty well pegged

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

LOL Disposable Camera

I took my cousin's friend from out of town to the mall yesterday while my cousin was in a doctor's appointment, and in Urban Outfitters there was this LOLcam, which I thought was cool enough since I've totally bought those disposable cameras that are at party supply stores that are for bachelorette parties or whatever, that have a banner across the bottom of each exposure with a graphic that says something like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" or something...but this one is cool because it just has white graphics overlaid so even if you take a boring picture it might end up looking pretty artsy!

Random Kitty Love #2

These cute little kitties were waiting to get adopted this past
weekend while I shopped for kitty litter and food, there were four and
they were named after the GOLDEN GIRLS!!!! Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and
Sophia! So cute! There was also a doggie named Hamburger there! So cute!

Can you read the "Incase" in this photo?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing

As of late I have been hanging out with a PYT pretty much the whole weekend so Grace told me to look up the Michael Jackson song. Of course it's one of those songs everyone's heard countless times but I think I totally knew the wrong words. Woah, someone please check out the weird claymation rabbit that MJ dances with at about 3 minutes and tell me what that's from please!

Watch what you tweet! A computer savvy warning brought to you by my momma.

My mom sent me this New York Times article about raising awareness about Geotagging and how people can actually stalk you with very little knowledge about hacking or programming or anything, all from info you post yourself without even knowing it. Basically if your blackberry or iPhone or other GPS enabled smartphone/device takes pictures that you put on twitter or facebook, the location of your pictures can be read in the encrypted they can dig a  little and reveal the IRL (in real life) locations of your regular hangouts, or the cars in your neighborhood, or even the stuff in the background in pictures you take in your house or, well...anything that you don't learn how to be careful about I guess! They say it's all about familiarizing yourself and your loved ones about how to properly use the privacy settings, and more specifically how to turn your geotagging automatically off of your camera and your twitter apps, but keep it on for more important things like your maps/GPS app.

ICanStalkU.COM - Raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing.


Pretty Olivetti Typewriter Graphics

I learned all about this Typewriter company from this person's blog entry where I got these pictures:

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I mean, the video has over 8 million views, so maybe I'm a little late on this bandwagon, but this video is a pretty good rant.

My friend Brian Depauli is having an art show tonight at Snowflake

My friends Bevin and David Early gave my friend Brian an art show at their awesome gallery space Snowflake/City Stock on Cherokee Street, there are always complimentary beverages (I hope some Stag Beer since his art lately has a lot of Beautiful drawings of Stag Cans) and lots and lots of fun bicycle riders will be there, it's gonna be a doozy! Below are some samples of his recent work that I took pictures of at the St Louis Open Studios weekend a few weeks back, and the animation that I took a few seconds of video of to show you guys. I hope it doesn't rain like it did last night. My friend Nicole Stevens also installed art of her own in Snowflake's drive by window gallery, which is also exciting, but I won't have pictures of it til later. The show should be up for about a month or so, if you can't make it tonight, they are open on Saturdays from 11am-3pm.

PS- I'm super stoked that his new work includes the stag beer cans because in the dead of winter at Ashley's Sunday night 50 cent Stag DJ night at Atomic when no one would show up except for him because he lives close and me because I gave the DJ a ride, we would be the only entrants into the byramid competition out of boredom cures and we came up with some really abstract solutions. Here are two I caught on camera, check out how tame his beard looks compared to now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last night I saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World

It was really good, highly recommended!


I feel like I meant to talk about this and never got around to it. A few months ago my friend Raglani was playing some tunes while he tended bar and this OMD song came on and I went "is this john maus?" because the intro sounded like it and I am quite fond of john maus so naturally I guess my thoughts went to him before I realized I was stupid to open my mouth before I actually listened to find that it was "Electricity" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.
"Rights For Gays" by  john maus 

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I LOVE IT AND I CAN CHECK IT OFF MY TO BUY LIST and now I can add it to my potentially sad songs only DJ night daydream I have brewin up in this ol doebrain o mine. Sigh. Swoon. I've always wanted to play the lap steel guitar it really tugs at my heartstrings :( Song: Santo & Johnny "Sleepwalk"

Miserable Costumed Cats

Dlisted ran a photojournalistic story on a cat birthday party (thanks ali for the :( pussy email) where all the cats were dressed up in costumes and all of the pictures are named "suicidecats" with appropriate number appended, haha. This is actually one of the lesser creepy miserable cats. The owners are all making hilarious expressions of joy for the most part. Fact: Chilton loves wearing shirts but all cats hate wearing hats. 

A few things I was tempted to impulse buy at blockbuster.

I've never actually seen "hot tub time machine" but I like the idea of
it. I really liked "it's complicated" which I get made fun of by my
girlfriends for. i wrote a post about it at some point i will link it
later. Instead I bought "fantastic mr fox" and "youth in revolt" bc I
will watch them. I almost rented "ladies and gentlemen the fabulous
stains" but then I got word of it playing at Apop records at 8:30 pm
tonight! Neato, I am going to it!!!


So sometimes I hear Gene Pitney's "Town Without Pity" on my oldies station. I like it enough, it's kinda a cool song, yeah....but then late the other night I heard his song "Mecca" and I was blown away! It's so weird! It uses so many spesh FX! I mean, aside from the kinda stalkerish undertones, this girl sounds like a total babe, and I love that he talks about what kind of building she lives in, and east and west are different or something, so it's got this bad girl rebel wrong side of the tracks kinda feel to it, that must be why the guitar is so sick and rockin, am I right? Furthermore, I live in a brick 4 family so that's kind of like a brownstone house, right? Maybe it could be mecca if it were cleaner, but there is definitely a lot of fun things to look at in my apartment! Here are both songs:

White Dudes feelin it hard for native americans

Woah first of all...I just listened to a little bit of The Trail of Tears as told by JOHNNY CASH (part one and part two!) and if I were a history teacher I'd be making my students listen to this just because it's Johnny Fucking Cash...even though it is totally boring. Anyways... I think the (totally inappropriate racial overtones) Crying Indian commercial really got to everyone because white dudes started singing songs about it. I love both of these songs very very very much.

Paul Revere & The Raiders "Indian Reservation" (actually a cover but this one is more rockin')

IRON MAIDEN "RUN TO THE HILLS" (btw, I never even considered that the singer of Iron Maiden might be so good looking until today...he has such majestic bangs...I mean, not anymore but dude, remember he is a pilot and he gets you there on time)

Um, so let's forget the whole thing and talk about Iron Maiden some more. I want to fly on Ed Force One. Ps- is anyone else totally turned on by his incredulously well groomed sideburns and how rad he seems to hang out with in this news interview? I like how that girl reporter was like "the number of the beast" when he said every flight's call code on Ed Force One is 666...she sounds as into him as I am at this moment. I bet he is really charming.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Posters that sound like exactly what's on them

I thought this was nice and clever. Found it via I Believe in Advertising, where you can find info on who made it etc.

Rad Typewriter Necklace

Look how cute the little tiny paper is! When I was little I had a necklace that was a letter that the flap of the tiny envelope actually opened and when you took out the tiny letter, also metal, it said "I love you" or something like mighta just said I <3 U, but it was so cute and I miss it. [BUY HERE]

Girl On A Motorcycle

I've written about how much I like this movie in an old post before, in an even older post, and then again when I was excited to hear about its long awaited DVD release. Every so often I look it up on youtube to see what's on there and today I found a few videos that show a few long clips. Marianne Faithfull is such a babe.

Here is one from early on in the movie where the embedding is disabled by request.

And this song called "Motorbikin" which I actually have a different version of by this new wave post punk era band called Martha and the Muffins (that have really good songs called Echo Beach and Paint By Number Heart) and I guess there are all sortsa versions of this song, like the one by Billy Idol, the one by Dee Dee Ramone, and I've put up the M+M version for your personal download, as it is not on the LP vinyl version that a few of my friends have. Here is the video where the footage comes from Girl on A Motorcycle and the track is the original version by Chris Spedding:

And Finally, those clips to the movie I was talking about in the first place, if you're not totally worn out from all that linkin' and talk about MOTORBIKIN. Her lover teaching her how to drive a motorcycle, and then her giving her weird speech that every girl that's ever been in a weird on again off again love hate thing with a boy can probably relate to:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't trust this pimpin olive, no matter how "spicy" he claims to be

As Courtney said "they are disconcertingly soft" and also they are not even as spicy as jalepeño stuffed olives. Sketch Mart had some weird ghetto offerings fer shure.

Liz, Courtney, and I painted our nailz to match C's Univega

We all agreed that this is one of the reasons it's awesome to be a girl.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Really fucking brilliant motorcycle insurance commercial

Hannah Montana Reaction Videos.

So one time sometime last year when Scott Owens and I went up to Atomic to spin records with Stephen, Stephen was making some joke about how he loves that movie where the girl puts on a wig and then she's a secret star, and how rad it was...and then he walked away, and Scott turned to me and was like "Was it just me or did the movie he was describing sound an awful lot like the Hannah Montana movie?" and I was like "Yeah, he definitely watched it." and I thought of this today because somehow I ended up watching like 15 videos on youtube of parents filming their little girls' reactions when they give them Hannah Montana tickets. Here is the best one I've watched so far, because she starts hyperventilating and crying!

There are also a lot of videos of little girls singing and dancing in blonde wigs, but this was way better.

Ode to Connie Francis reference in the movie "The Craft"

In the movie "The Craft" there is a part where Fairuza Balk's character and her mom inherit a lot of money from her dead evil stepfather's life insurance policy, and they buy a condo in a high rise and when her mom is giving the tour, she tells the girls that all her life she wanted a jukebox that only played Connie Francis 45's, and one of the girls goes "Who's Connie Francis?" and she says "Oh, shut up honey, listen and learn!" or something and I keep thinking about this scene a lot lately because I've been hearing a lot of her songs on the oldies station I listen to on 1430 AM KZQZ and I totally get why someone would come up with that dream.

Go to 5:45 in the video below to see the scene I'm talking about, in case you were never an adolescent girl and have no idea what this movie about a group of friends becomin witches is about and why it's awesome:

I totally forgot the other reason I started getting into Connie Francis. So this oldies station has made me discover a lot of songs I liked from the 70s and 80s are covers of even older songs, and it's always a pleasant surprise to hear the original. Such is the case with '77 punk band from down under The Saints, who I've always liked their version of "Lipstick on Your Collar" and now I know where it comes from! Hear the original [HERE] Enjoy it:

While I was looking for The Saints version of the song, I found a weird video of a little girl singing the song in front of a Hannah Montana Poster. Kids are Weird. 

Since we're already on the subject of Connie Francis, here are some songs of hers for you to enjoy:
I think I'm gonna sing one at karaoke at some point.

Neat Flash Animation set to A Kinks Song that I love

Last night I learned I like cafe racer bars, thanks Trent.

My friend wrote a missed connection to my other friend and then she wrote back because she is awesome.

so now I guess we are all gonna go on a bike ride. She is getting some pretty funny responses, like the one she forwarded to me:
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